Doctor Who // Series 8 // So Far… (Episodes 1-7)


“I don’t think I know who The Doctor is anymore…”

I’m not sure I do either, Clara. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a massive Doctor Who fan since the reboot, I loved RTD’s era with Ecclestone and Tennant and feared the worst at the end of The End of Time, despite even back then knowing that it was a rather crappy ending story for Tennant. However, when Matt Smith arrived on the scene with Gillan’s Amy Pond beside him I forgot any worries I had and with Moffat at the helm of clever story-lines and arcs that require the audience to think and watch closely to what is going on Smith and Moffat’s era just got better series by series. Of course there were episodes during this time I thought were duds or just naff but these were few and far between and even with Smith emotional Christmas 2013 exit I still trusted Moffat completely to make the show work in his absence and was actually ultimately looking forward to see Capaldi take the helm for a very different feeling Doctor. Right now, I am feeling lacklustre about my favourite show which hurts me to say but here is why.

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Been Out of the Game.

Hello Gang… It’s been a while.

So, what’s happened? I fell off the wagon. I started to fall off with my promise of a post a day and then lost my way completely with the film reviews, I was having fun doing them, I just guess other things got in the way and then I never found the time to come back to you! Now, I’m not going to make any outlandish promises like I have in the past but I want to be posting regularly about the things that do interest me, starting today.

Anyway, a brief update into me… I finished my degree and passed with a 2.1 which I am pleased about apart from the fact I would have got a first if there wasn’t complications in filming my final major project. Creating my film ‘Junk’ was an amazing experience that has led me to wanting to do another this year to expand my abilities in film-making (I’ll drop some posts about that in the future).

The final film is below (casual shameless self-promotion). Glad to be back.

Kick-Ass 2 // Film Review


“You know what, screw this… my superpower is that I’m rich!”

No… This wasn’t right… It can’t possibly be… It was supposed to be… Brilliant! Wasn’t it? Kick-Ass 2 was one of the films this year I was so pumped for – a film I’ve wanted to happen since the original and when I finally got my wish and went to see it… I end up feeling like I’ve just eaten a mouthful of sand. Don’t get me wrong, it was by no means the worst film ever made but sadly, Kick-Ass 2, is a huge let down.

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The Lone Ranger // Film Review


“Okay… this is worse!”

It’s been a couple of weeks now since I saw Disney’s latest attempt to create a successful blockbuster franchise to replace the Pirates of the Caribbean’s slowly dimming light. I had enjoyed the trailers seen for The Lone Ranger but went in expecting to see another John Carter (which isn’t entirely bad in my opinion as my only real issue with it was the extremely tiring length)… I was pleasantly surprised however and was treated to a really solid and kooky Disney romp!

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Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa // Film Review


“Have you got another Siege to go to?”

The last few years we have had a summer film outing of all sorts of British TV comedy icons. The Inbetweeners made a rather successful (even if it didn’t match the actual series) splash at the box office, and it was only last year we got the Nation’s pride and joy Keith Lemon get to take to the big screen in a sophisticated and wondrous fairytale comedy of rags to riches… wait… hang on? Let’s forget about Lemon shall we? So… the year is 2013… And this is the year that the Partridge takes flight into the silver screen. As you can imagine Steve Coogan delivers 100% in the titular role of Alan Partridge as he was clearly born to be bound to the spirit of the Norfolk simpleton and no matter what film or television role he takes on you look into his eyes and Alan stares back at you. It goes without saying, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa was textbook Alan.

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Only God Forgives // Film Review


“You can’t round killing cops anymore”

From the very moment I read about Nicolas Wingding Refn’s latest film, Only God Forgives, receiving very mixed reviews at Cannes I have been relishing the chance to get to develop my own opinion, especially after loving Drive so much I couldn’t see how this could go wrong… This oddball however, turned out to be a mostly unwatchable cinematic experiment fronted by a rather glum-looking Ryan Gosling.

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The Conjuring // Film Review


“We prefer to be known simply as Ed and Lorraine Warren”

Going into The Conjuring was a bit of an off-the-cuff decision, but one that really paid off. I’d seen the trailer for the creepy (what I thought was doll-based) movie a couple of times before other films but had never really had a real urge like I have with other horrors this year to go and see it. This decision paid off big-time and was quite possibly one of my favourite films, and certainly the best horror (I have seen) this year. A thrill ride from start to finish full with genuine frights and mystery to delight all film-goers.

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