Misfits S04E04

“Knock Knock, Who’s there? My cock, now bend over.” – Rudy

The new series of Misfits hit the half-way mark tonight on e4 with another mediocre episode centring around Curtis’ character. I really have to be honest with myself now that the series is flying by right now with only another 4 episodes left and as much as I want to love it as much as I did series 3, which, in my opinion saw the perfect mix of characters. I know everyone loved Nathan in the show, but as a late arriver to the series (watching series 1 & 2 back to back before series 3 aired) I quickly grew to love Rudy as a lead character rather than Nathan. Joseph Gilgun was an amazing addition to the cast and really does lead the show now for me but after series 3 and the departure of the other 3 ‘big’ characters things didn’t look great for the show, could it survive with only Rudy as a kind of original cast member and Curtis as the only real remaining member? Curtis to me has never been the greatest and most entertaining of characters but has been a solid addition throughout and this series hasn’t utilised him, rather just kind of dragged his dead-end story even further than it needed to be dragged.

So far this series the only lingering clue we’ve had to some kind of story arc is the mysterious trainee probation worker, but after tonight’s episode that comes abruptly to a halt which makes me question, where is this going?

Spoilers Ahead

Tonight we saw the new cast cut in size and the last original member that has been there from series 1 take his own life in what seemed a really lacklustre episode. It never felt like it got going at all and started to feel draggy. I honestly think if it wasn’t for Gilgun holding this show together at its ripping seams (especially during this episode) it would be unbearable to watch. I said to myself throughout ‘I don’t care if Curtis dies, I can see it happening’ and it did. It was predictable. He turned into a zombie, and shot himself after dealing with this weird trainee probation worker storyline. As much as I didn’t care too much for Curtis his death did hit me quite hard but again, only because of Gilgun’s acting while he talks to Curtis on the phone in his last moments.

It is going to be interesting to see what comes of this series now with only three characters I think it will be hard going. I can only guess that they will soon bring in a fourth (and maybe/hopefully a fifth) character soon to fill the gaps that have emerged, but really… how many could have been affected by this storm? If we push this thing too far it becomes unbelievable and you get the Simpsons effect where we’ve seen everything and there’s literally nothing else they can do. The highlight of the series so far has been Episode 3 which focused on Rudy and really felt like a ‘classic’ episode. Hopefully Finn and Jess will get more into their own in the second half of the series otherwise the show is destined to fall into the ‘it’s gone on for too long and outstayed its welcome’ category roughly handed to Skins last year.

It may sound like I’m being hard on Misfits but I do love it, it would just feel impossible to love now if Rudy wasn’t in it, this might be a bit like what people felt when Nathan left I dunno… Who knows, the writers so far have shocked and twisted many plot lines in previous series so it wouldn’t be a surprise if they did it again turning the show on its head (in a good way) and maybe Curtis’ death will be a good thing and something the rest of the series will develop round, he used to time travel, could he save himself?

Only time will tell I guess. After seeing next week’s trailer however, I’m not as excited as I usually am but I’m sure Rudy will supply enough laughs to make it bearable!


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