Resisting Hitman: Absolution

I think I’m starting to become addicted to games again, a week today I queued up in the cold outside HMV at midnight to collect my copy of Black Ops II and haven’t stopped playing it since despite its lacklustre Zombies effort in comparison to Black Ops I but at least I’m addicted to online team deathmatches now.

Anyway, saw the old advert on ITV for Hitman last night and so looked up when it was coming out only to see the release was today! The temptation since has been unbelievable… the amazing looking graphics mixed with a great IGN review just makes me want it more, it definitely looks like my sort of game.

I really want to wait for it to go down in price however, just a few weeks that’s all so instead I have taken to distracting myself… I have Black Ops II to get on with anyway but I just discovered a game… so addictive… and so frustrating… that it is simply magnificent. This game… is Pitfull for the iPad. It is literally the same as Temple Run but is just better and feels more fun and after being a Temple Run addict back in the day last year I think Pitfull is set to be the replacement, so hopefully I can resist Hitman a little longer with this at hand…

I have a few little reviews to post later on, one for Limitless, one on Fresh Meat and another on this God awful British answer to Family Guy, ‘Full English’.


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