Fresh Meat//Series 2


“This fanny is about to rip Manchester a new arsehole” – Kingsley

Fresh Meat has only one episode left!!! It seems to have gone pretty quickly even though a few of the episodes were a slight duds the past two including tonight’s have been absolute corkers and the real saviour for Fresh Meat is that, much like its cousin Peep Show, there are always plenty of one liners to take away from an episode. My personal highlight of the series has been episode 6 almost entirely because of the last 20 minutes with JP stuck on a cliff face.

The series as a whole hasn’t been quite as good as the first but it is rare for a second series to excel on its first from personal experience, the trick is making it so it doesn’t go completely downhill and instead returns to form in the next series, again, Peep Show springs to mind as the perfect example, it never, ever gets old and you can watch it forever. This doesn’t mean series 2 hasn’t had some real laugh hard moments, every episode, has them and all the characters serve their purpose, even if Josie is getting a TAD annoying now as is Heather and Oregon.

The series hinges on the comedy elements added by JP, Vod, Kingsley and not forgetting Howard and the beauty of the series is each episode can contain several stories with each character a little like Skins but more of an equal share rather than a dedicated episode to each character.

Tonight’s episode saw Kingsley start a band and even take a real Mark Corrigan attitude to life, stepping on dangerous ground my friend but alas, you didn’t stray too far into the night, rather just tip toed to the edge of the cliff and looked down before stepping abruptly back. Again, for me the funniest story thread was JP’s seeing him once again attempt to get ‘in’ with the ‘it’ crowd as it were in the form of the other Private School guys and this saw some of the funniest lines of the night, “It’ll be a Bermuda Triangle of banter!” he explained after being accepted.

It is going to be interesting to see how the new series of Peep Show matches up to Fresh Meat now as they are very similar programs, to me it’s almost like if they made a Peep Show prequel… the origin story of Corrigan… this should definitely happen, I just hope the extended break from fresh Peep hasn’t stunted its growth/appealing humour.

I’d rather the writers of Fresh Meat took a bit longer to come back for a third series (and there has to be one really doesn’t there with its popularity) and make it more real and more packed with humour than rush out another series just to feed the hungry.



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