A New Hobby

My housemate Joe the other week taught me some pretty great magic tricks to do with cards and I have been obsessed with perfecting them ever since. I began with the two he taught me which are pretty basic and have since added another 3 card tricks (one of which left all my housemates with a gasp on their faces and questioning how it was possible) and a coin disappearing act to my ‘act’ as it were.

I mean, I know they are not the greatest tricks ever but they impress me when I am able to do them and am amazed I can keep them in my head and remember how to do them when the time comes not to mention every time I actually perform them to someone and it baffles them the huge sense of achievement it gives me.

I don’t think Blaine or Brown have anything to worry about (yet :P) but it gives me something to work on other than the sketches for my animation and writing any ideas down I have for a feature/longer production piece.

Little pointless personal update there guys, isn’t that just a bit lovely! Can’t wait to pull some of these tricks out on other people this week.


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