Peep Show Countdown

“Why are you indicating? Don’t indicate! Just fucking go!”

The day is almost here and as I sit here on another late late night it is now slowly sinking in that for the first time in way too long a new series of Peep Show is about to begin in less than 24 hours!

Corrigan… Usbourne… Hans… Literally the perfect sitcom and a close second to Doctor Who on my favourite shows listings it has everything you could ever want from a comedy. It’s fresh, relevant and stupid but the fact you can listen to Mark’s thoughts and then justify his (or Jez’s) actions as you can relate to every situation in some way or another just takes it to another level and a level that I can’t think has been rivalled since it’s start.

Gervais and Merchant may well be my personal comedy heroes with Morris close behind but the sheer genius of this show really does make it stand out from the crowd and I cannot stress enough how much I love it. The very fact I can full heartedly relate to Mark Corrigan and even mimic his thoughts is worrying to say the least but also relieving to know that others obviously think the same.

Tomorrow night at 10pm myself and a friend would have just rounded off a back to back episode watch of series 7 and be ready for series 8 to get underway. While in the back of head I just keep thinking ‘please don’t fuck it up, don’t make it crap, don’t push it too far’ and worry that maybe all good things do come to an end the majority of me just seems to know the writers wouldn’t have made something they didn’t think was good hence the huge wait for the series. I don’t think with the characters they have anything could really go wrong as it were, any situation Mark or Jez is in would result in hilarity.

Reading an interview with Mitchell and Webb on the new series they say that a film would be on the cards but only as a ‘fitting end’ when the series comes to a natural end and would really be the end of everything. Mitchell goes on to say that there are no plans of ending the series yet and a ‘Mark and Jeremy go to Barbados’ kind of film would never work or happen (phew!) something that seems to happen with every Brit TV Show turned film. Thank God series 9 is already commissioned and being readied for 2013! I don’t want another 2 years waiting for new Peep!

Hurrah for Peep Show and in the words of the El Dude Brothers themselves “I would literally stab a baby to watch series 8”.

I am actually considering making a Peep Show quote post sometime soon… Might just make it for series 8 and be done with it…


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