A Little Extra Peep


I just stumbled across this while flicking through the net before some sleep (for like 4 hours before I need to be at Uni… Crap!) and it just reminded me of why I love Peep Show so much (as if I needed to be reminded by anything)… I cannot fathom why someone would not like the show as it literally does hold everything a great sitcom needs as well as having its own great twist!

Anyway, because Channel 4 have decided to air all their best stuff at once on a Sunday as well as BBC 3 I will be watching Misfits tomorrow and doing a little review or summary of thoughts.

As for now, I am off to bed as I have a long day tomorrow (today) that starts at 9am and then I’m doing some work on my video production piece too in the afternoon… well, planning it which should be fun! Hopefully I will dream of Peep Show tonight, half of me wishes they aired a double bill to welcome it back like BBC3 did for Him & Her but… then… I prefer it spread out so I have something to look forward to for longer! Goodnight! xo


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