Jeremy Therapised

“She’s going to use this to open her single tins and then somehow get the sexual satisfaction from it I can’t give her”

Peep Show is officially back people!!! As the titles rolled I cheered and sung along to the theme tune that my life seems to be lived to lately and the best thing about it’s thundering comeback episode is that it did not fail to amuse or please. The story was a full one and sets up the series brilliantly as you can already see the stories getting off to a start with a new ‘clean’ Super-Hans who is making it straight without the drugs and Mark pushing for the moving in of Dobby.

But, sadly, the series opens with a loss. The ghost in the doorway as Mark aptly describes him in series 7 dies while making a final pass at Dobby. It’s time to remove the nose tubes and set them down at half mast as Mark denies Gerard a last chat to Dobby (unknowingly). The personal highlight of this episode was Mark’s last standoff with Gerard on his death-bed. “I know what you’re doing Gerard” he whispers while leaning in close. “She’s not interested in romancing the stone Gerard, it’s no dice for you and your sickly ways” to which Gerard replies “We’ll see about that… I’m playing the long-game” – for some reason this just sent me over the edge seeing the cracks in the forced friendship of Mark and Gerard emerging once again.

“If I could just find a pal, I’d ask them to move in… rent free” – after Mark looks stunned at the offer Gerard makes and Dobby leaves Gerard finishes Mark off harshly with “Don’t worry Mark, I’ll take good care of her… very, very good care of her indeed” rounding off Gerard’s 3 series in the show and seeing him finally picking that fight with Uncle Joe.

In Mark’s head come a new classic line, “I can’t compete with that, a free room at Gerards compared to fifty quid a week for Fritzl’s cellar!”

The episode was standard Peep and had a laugh around every corner, it really is hard to find a ‘bad’ episode of Peep Show but this certainly isn’t anywhere near that category, all the characters are on top form and in classic Peep Show style Dobby is slowly turning into another annoying woman in Mark’s life compared to ‘the one’. However, that is just a prediction but it wouldn’t be Peep Show if Jez really did move out now would it.

Even Jeff made an appearance as Sophie’s new man and now lives in Nanna’s Cottage with her, who will probably be absent from the series after starting a successful film career.

The true brilliance of Peep Show is the way it brings us to care about these despicable characters, it brings us all to be able to see that we are all despicable and that in that way, we all have a little Mark or Jez inside of us, I like this fact. I don’t mean this in the drastic sense but rather how they have paranoid thoughts about almost everything, the things that alarm them and even their good intentions that eventually end up turning bad (especially in Jez’s case).

The worst thing about this episode? It aired… meaning there is only another five left and then we all have a horrible wait until 2013 for another new series.

Three cheers for Peep Show!!!


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