Misfits S04E05

“I did a little jig on his grave”

I think Misfits might well be coming back into its own. Sure, we have lost the last original member and are down to just three core members but I was pleasantly surprised to see a storyline that Rudy didn’t feature heavenly in work dramatically and comically and even reduce me to tears.

 This weeks episode focused on Seth finding his real father and led him to a man on death’s door and a half sister who has the power to heal but not cure therefore keeping her dad in pain but alive through the fear of loss. The episode explores how Seth bonds with his half sister and eventually comes to an emotional understanding with her as to let him go and he promises to always be there for her. This scene really did reduce me to tears because of the raw emotion, from the start of the episode you grow to love the guy and the way he was set up you couldn’t help but feel the chemistry which made his loss even worse even though he’d only been on screen for what must have been 10 minutes tops.

Besides of this we see the development of Dan “from the bar” and what might well be this series’ running story arc? Although perhaps not seeing as the last time I though a story arc for the series was set up it ended the next episode. I guess this means Seth’s sister must be becoming a regular member of the cast, although I dunno if she will feature as a main character just yet, we might have to wait and see on that one. However, from the next time trailer at the end I kind of have a feeling we may well have 1 or 2 new regular main cast members who were featured in that trailer heavily and both have that certain Misfits look about them which hints at the main cast being bulked back up to 5… The structure of booting characters off this show and reinstating new ones reminds me so much of the way Primeval did it on ITV when Cutter died and then Danny takes over, it’s slicker and less predictable, it’s almost similar to what Doctor Who did this series and I think if it had less exposure in filming no one would have known about the Ponds which could have been nice and even more traumatic.

I still can’t get my head around Curtis dying though still… I mean he’s obviously dead now, he must be, it just seemed so anti-climatic for a death, Misfits has done deaths good previously so it was a surprise there wasn’t more build up!


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