Right Place Right Time

Soldiers follow my lead, repeat after me.

Bloody did it, it took a lot to complete the mission, I even almost forgot to go and get it after my seminar, but, I bloody did it. Olly Murs (my main man) released his new album ‘Right Place Right Time’ today and as I made my way through the light wind (which doesn’t sound very dramatic) and drizzle (again… not overly dramatic) and went into HMV I was presented with a situation, and no, the situation wasn’t shall I get the deluxe or standard version, that decision was made when I knew of a deluxe edition.

No, the situation I was presented with was a group of lads stood in front of the CD chart. I mean lads lads, like, oh yeah, laaaad, lets go and fuck something lad, ‘I spaffed on her titties’ lad. The kind that speaks in text language despite the age of smartphones and qwerty keyboards on phones has well and truly arrived. I journeys downwards to the basement to see if they had any copies down there but it seemed the only copies they had out were in fact those in the chart. To my disappointment when I arrived back upstairs the ‘lads’ were still there so I formulated a fool proof plan, I’d make out I was buying it for someone else!

I pulled the old trusty iPhone from my pocket and put it to my ear leant in between the huddle of ‘lads’ and said (into the phone) “oh yeah… you think she’ll like that then” and grabbed a copy from the shelf. Mission complete. They probably knew but couldn’t be sure enough to mock what they saw because of what they had heard.

The next triumph was paying for Olly. It went smoothly actually, it was a toss up between getting served by the greebo guy with more holes in his body than leadamer cheese and only ever listened Lost Prophets, or the normal looking girl who probably appreciated my taste in X Factor Pop music. In my head on the walk back I cooly thought to myself in a Mark Corrigan-esque way, the beauty of having the bag is that no one knows what is inside it, sure it could be Olly Murs, an artist that probably isn’t thought of as ‘cool’ between ‘lads’ but then, there’s always that chance it could be, I dunno, Tinie Tempah or a Calvin Harris back catalogue.

Anyway, first impressions (and I’m only on track 4 ‘Dear Darlin’ as I write this) are that this album is his strongest, improving greatly on In Case You Didn’t Know even. The songs I have heard have all been catchy and more upbeat than usual so far and the vibe is slightly different compared to his more white reggae feel from the past two years. Every time I listen to something new by Olly it just feels like something Robbie Williams should be doing instead of his last two efforts, it has a very similar feel this album to one of Robbie’s more classic hits albums like Escapology. It’s very modern and instrumental but with a great bass.

For the first time I am confident that this album could be a real gem in the Murs crown and one that he might not be able to better in later years (but I hope he doesn’t give up as the last album was such a high standard even to return to that would be a treat).

This is only my first hearing though, so, I may be a bit frantic and ‘oh my godding’ it up a little too much, but, I can already see myself listening to this for a very long time to come, something that one of his albums hasn’t done yet, they’ve lasted but I’ve more just listened to my favourite tracks than all the way through.

The opener, ‘Army of Two’ is comparable, and wait for it, to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles, it’s an absolutely amazing track which opens the album introducing this new style perfectly. The last time I was in love with an album this much it was Plan B’s ‘Strickland Banks’.


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