Business Secrets of the Pharaohs


“Of course it’s quite true, I just made it up”

My second review or update of the evening is my beloved Peep Show. I write this as I re-watch the episode and once again laugh uncontrollably mainly at just how real Mark and Jez are when you think about yourself and others.


The episode itself is clever starting with Mark taking and in some respect (as always) having the high ground over Jeremy with his sceptical views on what he is doing but by the end (again, as always) he kind of ends up in the same shit-heap Jez is always in. The shame is the episode is yet again so good that it feels like it’s only 10 minutes long! Although nothing really dramatic in terms of continuation of the stories happens in this episode the relationships set up and the outcomes of Mark, Jeremy and Dobby’s decisions are just so spot on that as an audience you have the clues you need to what might happen later this series but also not quite enough that it is overly predictable and Peep Show being Peep Show I’m sure some major twists and turns are going to happen over the course of the series.


“Appearing on I’m A Celebrity is not the same as winning an Olympic Gold Medal” “Sir Steven Redgrave and Timmy Mallet may be more appropriate”

“What if I love a black Mamba? Should I set that free? Is that what you and Sting want?” – The episode is once again not short of any Corrigan one liners and thoughts. I could easily sit here and list more and more of them but I suggest you just go watch the episode again!! “Kneel before Corrigan and his pyramids of Peanuts!” – the very fact that the characters of Mark and Jez seem to switch every so often from the start to finish is what makes the show even better and the unspoken fact that Mark secretly knows he is just as bad as Jez by the end makes it even sweeter.


The beauty of Peep Show is that the characters are the most fun to spend time with out of any television show out there right now and the relationships viewers have built with them literally means anything they do no matter how despicable will be acceptable in our eyes. The end scene sees Mark and Jez make amends in an industrial lock up that ‘looks like it could be the only publishers to do MOTs’ and finish by resetting the whole diagnostics of the show for episode 3.



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