Misfits S04E06


“You stay here, little lady. This is absolutely no place for… Man’s work. It’s Dangerous” – Rudy to Abby

Okay! So it has been a little while since my last review as I haven’t really been in the mood, but I’m back now! And after another great Sunday of television it’s time for my review of this week’s Misfits and it has to be said this series is quickly finding its feet especially now during this week’s and a new addition to the cast!

I think since the death of Curtis (the last original member of the cast) the show finally regained it’s rhythm that was noticeably missing throughout the first 3 episodes this series and has featured some of the best off-beat humour and goofyness that any of the series has seen thanks to Rudy and Finn. The story of “Alex from the Bar” has finally unravelled in this episode and I can safely say that I was right when during the scene where Jess and Alex get close and she goes to touch his gonads only to be pushed away I realised and put everything together and said to myself… “someone took his penis” – at the same time as thinking this another part of my brain thought to itself… “you had better be right otherwise you have some sort of mental issue”.

The story itself was a really fun one and the addition of new cast regular Abby is going to make for some interesting stories if she is to be a new full-time member. I’m not sure on her power but the way things are going this series I think her power may well be a twist and more of an illness rather than something that gives her an advantage. If I had to guess on what I have seen so far I would say she has to drink alcohol to stay sober and without it she ends up in a heap on the floor. My reasons for this assumption? Why was there such a HUGE emphasis on her drinking, it kept cutting to her downing vodka!? It must mean something!

A small problem I had with the episode was the number on heads thing, I’m not sure if I missed something but why did they end up with the numbers and no one else did, clearly the guy in the corridor had a power he could use and it affected them as they walked past but I’m just not sure as to why!?

The best part of the episode!? The bad-ass Donnie Darko beating rabbit man. That thing wasn’t just creepy but hard hitting. It gave the show the air of crazy coolness that it has felt like it’s been missing earlier on in the series and just the whole whole ‘this is mad’ vibe you got from it. It wasn’t bogged down by anything, it felt free and fun while introducing a new character, continuing a now revealed story arc and even developing Finn and Jess as characters in their own rights.

It’s going to be interesting to see exactly how Alex’s story plays out and I’m sure there is a twist there somewhere as he wanders round next week’s episode pointing a gun at men’s genitals and demands to see them. I mean, he wants it back it’s understandable, but going about it in this way? Seems a bit gay!

From the next time bit we got I can safely say Misfits is back! It’s taken time to get back to that full stride but it is working again, like a toy with replaced batteries. Funny, Crude and just great there’s nothing you can’t love. However I do still feel that in the event of Joseph Gilgun leaving the show would crumble even with these changes unless they can get someone equally as good to hold the show together like when Nathan left, but by that time would the show be stale for actors like Gilgun to invest in? I guess we will see.


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