Life of Pi: A Disappointment of Cosmic Scales


“Which story would you rather hear?”

It has to be said I was super excited to see Life of Pi after the recent hype and amazingly stunning looking trailers featuring Coldplay’s Paradise and as I sit here writing this review on the toilet I have to finally admit to myself that even though the film itself was beautiful to watch and had some really magical moments thanks to impressive 3D CGI, the story itself was a major let down.

I am someone who has never read the book so I cannot vouch for the ‘real’ story if you will but for as far as the film itself goes the story was poor. It felt dragged out and slow and where I thought some sort of emotional attachment would be made for me with the Tiger itself I was disappointed to find out this was never true. As I have already said, I have not read the book so if this is true of that as well I do not know but I really did think that Pi and the Tiger would bond more than they eventually did. At the same time of saying this one of the most beautiful moments of the film was when the pair parted company when reaching shore.

The concept for the film was fantastic and I felt it could have been so much more especially if it was easier to understand Pi’s accent. I mean people complain about Bane in Dark Knight Rises but come on, I barely understood a word he said his accent is so thick and he mumbled his way through the film I thought I’d have more chance understanding the tiger.

In one of the particularly draggy moments where I contemplated walking out I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be weird if the tiger just turned round and started talking in a real gent-like voice, and maybe even wore a monocole. I would have taken this storyline above of what was actually offered.

On top of this the end tried to make out there was some decision in what story you chose to believe, which i guess, again, is probably clever but done so often recently it seemed cliche and dull and almost like ‘nah, not again’.

Instead of ‘Life of Pi’ I think maybe it should have been called something along the lines of ‘Ang Lee wants to play with 3D and special effects before they go out of fashion… Oh! And an Oscar’. The use of unknown actors that will probably be nominated for best newcomer awards is another push for some sort of award.

Of course it has to be said, it is indeed a spectacle on the eyes and everything (apart from the elephant at the start) looks amazing and vibrant. The tiger especially feels fierce and dangerous despite a lack of character.

I was disappointed in this film on many levels, if you are thinking of going to see it, please, just watch the trailer again, it has the whole story in and makes it look better than what it is AND only lasts two and a half minutes.



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