The Love Bunker



“Sex with the ex”

Another week, another episode of Peep Show, and boy was this one a treat. Where last week’s may have been a bit lacklustre as far as quickfire gags go this week’s proved Peep Show is really back and still as cutting edge and funny as ever! Not just this but a hugely interesting plot development which will I’m sure effect the series later on was hit on as Jez and Dobby get to know each other.

When Mark thinks Dobby’s ex, Simon, is out to ruin his love-life and win Dobby back he doesn’t expect best mate Jez to swoop in from left field and flank the enemy with his own emotions. The Love Bunker offered some truly hilarious moments and the surprising partnership of Mark and Super Hans and as per usual touched on those subjects we like to joke about with friends behind closed doors but you’d never say openly in fear of sounding very strange indeed.


From the very start this week we were treated to some classic gold Mark from ‘sex with the ex’ to ‘I never stone alone’. I’m sure Mark’s inner thoughts reflect not only mine but many a viewer and his relationship with Dobby, which I predict to blow up pretty soon towards the second half of the series is sure to create relatable hilarity.


Another personal favourite moment was Mark’s struggle to be ‘normal’ in the bands quiz game set up to make Mark look even more uncool than he knew he was. The panic that set into his and Jez’s faces when they realised the war that was about to take place was priceless and Mark’s attempts to ‘buy’ weaponry was even better! Hans going ‘ewok’ and going mental over the yellows was a proper showcase of Matt King’s character and reminds the fans of what comedy gold he really is.

The most interesting thing to watch now will be seeing how Mark copes with his ‘sex with the ex’ paranoia and while he watches closely over Simon will he see the threat closer to home in the form of Jez who has already proven an incredible record over Mark’s women bedding his sister and Sophie can he finally quit the habit and allow Mark happiness? I doubt it.


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