Misfits S04E07


“I’ll double your money, whatever it takes… Just find my cock!”

There’s only way to start off this wek’s review and that is to give a quick one word summary of the episode, so, here we go… Brilliant! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Misfits is officially back, I said something along these lines last week but it has to be said now that form has officially been retained! New community service team member Abby tells the gang she lost her mind in the storm and can’t even remember who she is, which makes a pleasant change to characters having powers. The boundaries once again appear to be limitless in the series and the stories flow on wild tangents throughout, darting from Alex’s missing cock to Abby’s surrogate pregnancy.

Abby Smith is what the show has been needing since the cull in cast members, a character not too different from Kelly but new enough to make the show interesting again. As a character she seems to lack discipline and tends to speak her mind with humorous consequences, and on top of that she’s not too bad to look at.

I say it every week though, would the show be the same without Rudy? The sheer hilarity of the new situation he’s found himself in is wonderful and fresh. Rudy the sex pest has gone and not even his dirty mind and supply of twisted porno can save him for he is in love. In love with a Cinderella-like nun! Yes, the series ends next week and it seems to be this storyline that was set up last week that will see the show’s climax when the four horsemen of the apocalypse arrive at the community centre.

The main arcs in this episode were both strong and twisted in and out of one another nicely my only issue was the dipping in of random characters associated with Alex’s missing cock storyline. They don’t seem to have names or personalities and on top of that why did he care whether Alex would use brute force to ensure his penis arrived safely back on his body? He was getting paid, it’s not like they were related. At the end of the day Alex seems to now have a new problem, he finally got his end away with Jess but couldn’t take his eyes off himself and we never really found out why this ‘Jake’ needed a willy so bad! Maybe this will all be sorted in the last episode? Maybe it’ll come back in a new series next year… hopefully it is sorted as there are some loose ends I feel.

The last episode seems to be getting a little more promotion on TV than the rest of the series has and the new trailer sees 4 Simon-like figures riding BMXs – these are presumably the aforementioned 4 horsemen… This series may not have beaten the excitement and coolness of the last but it has been interesting to watch how it became slightly derailed but amazingly has survived and even thrived bringing new character to the usually evil probation worker.

As always there are the classic one-liners from Rudy but I think when he got up and started to sing Human League my heart melted a little bit as well as having tears of laughter stream down my aching face. Well done Misfits, you never fail to amuse at least! On an extra note, anyone who has stopped watching because the ‘originals have gone’ just give the last couple of episodes a chance at least because you will be pleasantly surprised at how well the cast works and how close it is to even series 1 and 2 before Rudy entered.


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