Big Mad Andy


“She wants my veiny stilton”

Peep Show cracks out another strong episode but anything that follows last week’s goldmine of one-liners was never going to stand much of a chance unless it was at the same level. This week the stories didn’t progress as such but Jez’s pursuit of Dobby was as predictably funny as it’s set up and Mark’s surprising move into an almost affair was hilarious ensured with his thoughts of ‘could he, couldn’t he’. The funniest line from his thought process was while he was chatting his ‘MILF’ interest up “I’m reinventing myself… I could be Bond”, this along with the hilarious self congratulation inside his own head!

It is starting to become strange how much the characters of Jez and Mark have changed and even crossed over since the first series. Mark has slowly become more and more despicable from his first outing where we see him as a more respectable working man and Jeremy as the play about sex addict. The problem with Mark in these later series (and by problem I mean in a good way!) is that he craves a ‘normal’ life so much it will eventually end up in hilariously blowing up in his face.

Wether Dobby will end up with Mark or Jez by series end is yet to be seen or predicted but Jeremy is so unpredictable I wouldnt put it past him to ruin Mark’s ‘normal’ christmas and blurt out his true feelings.

I feel disappointed we will be getting another Christmas edition of Peep Show as I always feel Christmas episodes ruin TV series’ I don’t know what it is, I am never interested in Xmas films or TV Shows, they annoy me. The idea of something being set around christmas ruins it for being able to watch it other times of the year. It just feels wrong. I’ve only seen the last Xmas Peep once because of this and it’s the same with Doctor Who apart from maybe Voyage of the Damned and End of Time they all feel a bit too weird to watch normally.

Next week’s episode is the second last which is going to be a sad occasion but as always an exciting one! I made a list of my favourite quotes through this week’s episode so here they are!

“My tasteless misery sand” – Mark on Dobby’s Cous Cous

“Oh oh… Need to shut this down” – Mark shunning Dobby’s adventurous attitude

“I think I hate and fear every facet of that idea” – Mark on Dobby wanting to go inter-railing

“She doesn’t want your boring cheddar” – Jeremy comparing his sexual appeal to Mark’s in the form of cheese

“Don’t fist me again life” – Mark on life

“Make it seem boring, my signature dish” – Mark on himself

“Up your game Corrigan” – Mark on chat up lines

“The Bio-Metric Swipe card to success, Haha! Back on form!” – Mark congratulating himself

“I’m reinventing myself… I could be Bond” – Mark on reinventing himself

“And for that image, I only have myself to blame.” – Jeremy’s final words


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