Misfits S04E08: The Finale!


We finally made it here! It was touch and go in the first half of the series but sticking with it really proved to be a real treat as we were shown a real direction in where this show is going next series. The cast in totally fresh (Rudy being the only ‘long standing’ member if you will) and Alex from the bar is about to get some kind of power it would seem and I would hazard a guess at that power being pretty brutal and evil. His love for himself in recent episodes proves to me that he will become out of control if he’s given some serious strength and become a real threat to the team.

We finally see Finn show some real power to his telekinesis and the whole group actually use their powers for once. Rudy’s love for the nun comes to a dramatic and powerful climax when they are faced off against the four horsemen of the apocalypse (which I believed to be some sort of homage to Simon from what the trailers showed) and who knows, they might well be a hint to something in the future perhaps!

I think this show has just finally got back to its strengths and I am once again loving it, the characters all fit and Abby is certainly a close second to Rudy now as my favourite character it is just a shame Finn and Jess couldn’t really make the same impact she did in just a couple of episodes. This final episode in particular was well crafted with a lot of mysteries set up to go on with but also a lot of ends seemingly tied up. Finn’s power seems to be driven sometimes by emotion by saving Abby from certain death his power was much stronger than it has ever been, perhaps his feelings for Jess are moving on to Abby instead.

Rudy once again, as he has the whole series conducted the episode and whenever he is in a scene it seems to move faster and with more oomph than at any other time. The superb mixture of drama and crude humour as well as the pure crazy abnormal story-lines makes this series keep on working and from zombies to the apocalypse this series, although it may not have been as stand out as series 3 for me was still very entertaining. To be honest series 3 was so good because series 2 built heavily into it and I have a strong feeling series 4 is going to do the same with series 5 and Alex’s character.

So, until next year’s instalments, this will round off my Misfits coverage! Thanks for reading, I’ll have to find something new to talk about in the meantime.


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