Looking Forward To: Jack Reacher


Jack Reacher is a film I have been very excited for, for… quite a while now. Tom Cruise does his best things in action packed violent teeth gritting thrillers and this looks like one that will take things to a new level. Stepping away from that Mission Impossible style of sometimes absurd we seem to get a more ‘real’ vibe from the trailer with harder punches being thrown and what seems like some real depth to the story itself. Of course, this is just stuff I am grabbing from the trailer itself. I didn’t manage to see the preview screening in Southampton at Cineworld as I was travelling home for xmas and unpacking that day but I think/hope it will be worth the wait to see in a few days time after the Christmas excitement has simmered down. I don’t want to see it Boxing Day, I can imagine that will be cramped but perhaps the days after on Thursday or Friday will be a good day for myself and a friend to watch this and a couple of other films on the same day, it’s been a while since a good cinema day has been had! I’m sure I’ll write some reviews for the films I see over this period though as well!!!


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