The Walking Dead – Series 3 // Ep1-6 // Round-up Review


Seed, Sick, Walk With Me, Killer Within, Say the Word, Hounded… “Yeah, Shit Happens” – Rick Grimes

I can’t believe I haven’t done an episode by episode review for The Walking Dead but in my utter excitement and having saved up the 8 episodes this half series to watch all at once I seem to have rushed through 1-6 in just two nights! Ever since the first episode a few years ago Walking Dead has quickly become one of my favourite TV Shows and easily one of the most addictive I have seen in years. Each episode ends in a mouth watering climax leaving you wanting and begging for more and although series 1 and 2 had their ‘low’ points and I mean ‘low’ in comparison to the ridiculously high standard set by the majority of episodes series 3 has not disappointed in any of the six episodes I have watched so far.

The continuous threat of death via zombie is clear in the series and although I have read up to the prison/Governor sections of the comics (being careful not to surpass the series by too much) there are some nice differences between the two. The deaths in the group now start to play major roles to how they work. Where T-Dog was never going to be a big loss for the audience, for the group it is actually felt and as for Lori’s different death (to the comics) it felt weirdly spine chilling for a character I never really grew to for her harsh attitude and coldness towards her spawn Carl and supposed husband Rick, when her death scene did come she for once came through and gave Carl a real growing point and also managed to pull the audience in and hang on every last moment.

Carl has been a shock this season. From the offset I have hated the kid. Annoying pre-pubescent voice, whiney and cowardly. A cry baby that wanted to play with guns has suddenly matured this season and been a character I actually enjoy. Where his acting is sometimes shaky it does feel natural and his character has grown especially with having to man up and shoot his mum in the head he has become dark but strong. Rick has started to go insane with power over the group but not on a Shayne scale and it will be especially interesting to see what happens when he finally comes up against The Governor.

Episode Six’s climax sees Michonne find the group at the prison and her dynamic is going to add another interesting spin to the tale as her character has been maybe the most interesting since the under-used Daryl and brother Meryl. She is strong and quiet and that is what scares The Governor. She speaks with her actions and takes everything in rather than being a push over like Andrea who I really hope gets pulled over the barriers and eaten by a hoard of raging zombies.

Meryl’s re-addition to the cast is a simply brilliant move as The Governor’s right hand man and even verges on making The Gov look slightly less dangerous. Meryl is a man very much out of control, he is fearful of the new world and that makes him even more dangerous with his new claw grafted to his stumpy arm. He is however one of my favourite characters in the show and again adds a vile but brilliant tone to the series.

I think Daryl’s under-use on the show is a shame but is a major player in the group being a fan-favourite but always at the moment Rick’s go-to man. When Rick wants something done he will ask Daryl and their relationship is growing with each episode, that however is going to be tested greatly when reunited with brother Meryl and will be a test of where his allegiance lies. His obvious soft spot for Carol is heartwarming and gives his otherwise cold character something that Meryl does not have. I think Daryl’s time in the show will come soon enough and we will see him have more screen-time.

The Walking Dead is of such a high class now that people have finally begun to recognise it rather than look over it a bit like season one, the acting is superb besides what people say about Andrew Lincoln I have always thought his accent is perfect and his emotion on the show drives the plots. The continuous ‘shock’ deaths throughout the series adds to the complexion of the show and changes the dynamics so regularly that it remains interesting to watch from all angles to see how the group cope. Saying this I think the show needs to have some continuity in terms of cast and that I think will follow suit with the comics and fall to Rick, Carl and Glenn to hold the changing group together. It is going to be incredibly interesting to see what happens with Rick’s baby and how long it will survive, the baby glows as a symbol of hope for the survivors but it seems to be hard to believe it will make it through harsh times unless they speed up the show by a few months again at the start of each series and age her quickly. Without sounding harsh, I want the baby to die just so Rick is destroyed that little more and pushes him to be a real man on the edge.

I’ll summarise the half season in full after I watch the last two episodes, from what I’ve heard the mid-season finale is a cracker!


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