Chairman Mark & Quantocking II


“I’ll kill you Jeremy! For trying to steal Dobby, and electrocuting me, and destroying my fucking pie!”

I didn’t realise (and almost missed the series finale because of it) that there would be two episodes of Peep Show quite so close together instead of sticking to their usual time slots where I am used to viewing them on a Sunday evening I was forced because of Christmas to watch the finale on Christmas Eve! A Tuesday! This is proof that Christmas just ruins everything. Anyway! I am glad the series finale was not another homage to Christmas Day like every other show this time of year and instead rounded of the series delightfully tying up any loose ends with the Dobby story as it went (seemingly).

The last two episodes this series were again some of the best proving the series still has what it takes to be the best and freshest comedy out there right now. There was only really one ‘dud’ if you can even call it that this series. When I say dud I guess I just mean in Peep Show terms because it is still a damn sight better than the usual shit that a lot of channels are churning out week after week month after month these days from BBC3’s Inbetweeners rip offs a plenty (Some Girls) to animated wastes of money on Channel 4 (Full English).

The end of this series sees Mark Corrigan’s life play out in a very Mark Corrigan way, everything went wrong. And you could say it was a return to characters for both Jez and Mark. Mark left with the moral high ground if you will while Jez is back to being the guy Mark lives with that ruins his life, continuously.

It is incredibly hard to see where there series will go next however as we approach series 9 next year for the tenth anniversary and Mark back where he started with Dobby gone to New York with Simon I’m guessing Jez will move back in with Mark which kind of I suppose has reset the series completely for the first time since… the start! Other than the first series Mark has always been into Sophie and his on off relationship and then Dobby came in mid way through that and now he has no one so it is anyone’s guess where it could go.

If you are reading this and havent watched Peep Show before I strongly suggest that you do especially if you like your British Comedies, this series especially is surreal at times but always fresh and sarcastic thanks to Corrigan (David Mitchell). The bond the pair share now is unbreakable and the chemistry really comes off on screen no matter the situation, they may loathe each other but Mark and Jeremy could never live without each other. They are opposites and quite obviously opposites attract because even though Jeremy has committed another major sin towards Mark, Mark can’t help but stay with his oldest friend.

I love the fact the more and more they do the ‘el dude brothers’ horn it becomes more and more awkward to the point that Mark has started doing it first. Just brilliant.

I can’t wait for next year now and another series so until then… I will occasionally post some Peep Show funnies and will have to find something new to fill my Sunday evenings. Hopefully something that makes me laugh at least half as much.


3 thoughts on “Chairman Mark & Quantocking II

  1. Haha! Great shout on Mark doing the El dude horn first!

    I was a bit dissapointed with the ending to be honest, I felt as if Jez should’ve told Dobby. But then again, like you said, maybe they wanted to ‘reset’ the series for next time.

    Off to watch some classic PS on Netflix now I think after that!


    • I do agree with you on the ending, I was waiting for one of Mark’s classic one liners to round it off the last 5 minutes with that scene did feel a little rushed but I guess (if this is Dobby being written out) Mark would never have let her just ‘leave Fritzl’s cellar’ as it were so had to be done on the sly!
      I watch way too much classic Peep on repeat now just for Corriganisms!

      • Yeah, if anything it just makes series 9 anticipation build up even more!

        I’m currently fitting in series 1-7 whenever I get a free minute, and the characters are pretty much flawlessly funny, always.

        I’m beginning to really love Super Hans in his own right as a character. Just watched the one where they gig at the Christian rock fest and can’t get any drugs, ‘We could use my fingernails, I bet there’s all sorts of gear under these.’

        Timeless comedy!

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