Top 5 Games // Führer Awards 2012

A slightly shorter countdown of my favourite games I have played this year. From Playstation 3 to iPhone apps, I will try to include some reasons why my selections are worthy of being called the best 5 games this year. Click below to read my countdown:

5) LittleBigPlanet (PSVita)


I’ve been a huge supporter of LittleBigPlanet since day one and have every copy of the game so far, even the PSP one which, was good for what it did, it just lagged and did a lot of things wrong like having to download levels rather than stream them. PS Vita changes all that, the crystal display makes everything look bright and beautiful just like the PS3 and even manages to get a few things up on LBP2 for me with the touch pads and motion sensors that work beautifully with the mini games. It’s almost like they rolled Little Deviants into this game as an extra… annoying as I’d just bought Little Deviants! The game is great fun and never can get old with the inventive creative system, LBP is a real one up on all the other consoles and a gem in the Playstation crown.

4) Far Cry 3 (PS3)


I was encouraged to get Far Cry 3 since last year a friend at uni was waiting for its release and constantly updated me on trailers and such. I never thought it looked THAT good until about March this year when it started to look epic and more and more came out about it. The more it was bigged up the more I became addicted to watching videos on it just like him and when it came out I went and got it. It takes a bit to get into the groove of it, not quite as accessible and involving as Skyrim it has however been tipped by many online as ‘Skyrim with guns’ which I suppose is fair. There is so much to do and so much to unlock you can spend hours just roaming and hunting and finding new areas. The feeling of hopping across lakes and tackling pirate bases with only a sniper and a bow and arrow is amazing and isn’t something you get done so well in many games out there. This brings a new meaning to sandbox.

3) The Running Dead (iPhone)


The first of my zombie games to make the top 5. The Running Dead takes the temple run idea and makes it more dramatic adding a grubbing looking apocalyptic setting which is nicely detailed for such a small sized game and has good graphics for an app game and of course it adds zombies to the mix, both chasing you and in front of you which you have to kill as you run using a select bunch of weapons you can unlock. It’s another endless game you become addicted to trying to unlock power-ups to improve your distance and getting the best weapons to kill the bigger zombies that will slow you down and get you eaten by the zombies behind. It’s a great idea and well pulled off! Addictive as hell. Any train or car journey and I am on that so quickly to pass the time.

2) Call of Duty: Black Ops II (PS3)


This was the year I got addicted to COD, just as a lot of people are starting to take the piss out of it it seems. I got Black Ops and was addicted to Zombies so decided to get the new Black Ops for the hunger of a new zombie campaign and the promise of a great story mode. The story mode was a bit meh and Zombies disappointed (which I hope will be improved with DLC soon) but the online is just phenomenal and I think now what have I missed out on! Addictive matches of Team Deathmatch probably not unfamiliar to millions already but newish to me as I haven’t played it THAT MUCH online before Black Ops II. The graphics are nice and just for the pure easy fun of it, no pressure just angry trolling on mic, simple idea pulled off every year so well. COD knows what to do and it sells the game in the millions every year.

1) The Walking Dead (PSN)


As you might have heard, this year has surprised. The Walking Dead game is at heart a mere point and click game where your decisions effect the way things play out in the story but it is the story that makes this game deserve its place atop many a game chart this year including my own. I first found out about The Walking Dead game from watching PBat on YouTube play through the episodes and it was his love for the game that made me want to get it. I downloaded the game when episode 3 was released and played through 1-3 in almost straight sessions just because of the buzz you seem to get from the gory twists and turns much like the tv series and comics. The way the plot unfolds can break you so easily and is an emotional roller-coaster as characters you grow to love start to drop by the waste-side. This game I am sure will teach a lot of others about narrative and how games need to develop to include these structured stories where what you do ACTUALLY effects what happens. This game has proved you don’t need the best graphics to be a good game at at the heart of a great series is a brilliant story. Hurrah for another zombie victory!


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