Pitch Perfect // Film Review


“Dad, I’m not really interested, I just wanted to use the word ‘step-monster’…”

I literally have no idea who the bloody hell Anna Kendrick is but after this film I don’t think I ever want to see her again. Something just tells me that it wasn’t just her character (the exuberantly edgy and unattached lead known as ‘Beca’) but her as a person. Taking her whole influence from Kristen Stewart it would appear by the end of the film you start to think it’d be nice just to see her face shatter by giving a smile. In this type of film you feel like the lead should be so cheesily annoying or at least likeable, she was neither… I guess it tried to be edgy.

Pitch Perfect has its moments both comedically and musically but the story seemed so old and almost like a bit late and missed the ship lead off that should have ridden off the success of Glee about 3 years ago. We see a battle of Acapella groups from around the country (of America) very similar to Glee (apart from they have to make the noises for the instruments themselves as like backing instead of singing over music), however, somehow this one university (yes, they seem to still sing in America at Uni) has two different groups who both manage to make it to the country finals. But, we’ll give it that, we’ll walk away with that slight farfetchedness, because, frankly, I cannot be arsed to even complain about it.

So, who could they possibly find to play opposite the ever-lovely ‘Beca’? Well, I’ll tell you who they found, a complete and utter dimwit who looks almost exactly like Finn from Glee. Skylar Astin is his name and my god… this boy was so awkward throughout that it hurt to watch him on screen. He made my retinas burn and I think I could feel brain cells just slowly giving up and dying the more he was on screen. He was so cheesey and awful and ‘trying to make Beca realise she’s missing out’ to the extent of stupidness.

What else can i say about this? Let’s see… All these students at University, not once did I see them work, it was all bloody singing, they had a bloody ‘riff off’ (where they sing in an empty pool at each other like a rap battle) which seemed so pointless. Where these films are all about getting to grips with other people this film ignored that policy, until the last 10 minutes where they all got to know each other 2 days before a national competition, manage to pull their shit together and of course win the whole thing.

There was two good things about this film but even they came with their flaws which after 2 hours grate on you. Rebel Wilson was extremely funny in the role (until that is the writing began drawing on fat jokes, because, being fat is the funniest joke there is. WRONG. We are not all James fucking Corden). She has a great number of one liners and moments that are wasted in this film. The other thing is the  music, the songs performed by the groups are good and catchy in the Glee-esque fashion you’d expect, but you can’t help loving their renditions.

There is a lot to enjoy from this film if you take away the annoying leads who seem to just destroy this film, the character of Benji I felt was really funny and under-used and I was disappointed that Wilson’s character Fat-Patricia didn’t come up against Bumper at the end of the film, but I guess I’ll have to live without it. I physically cannot come to terms with how edgy this Beca character was meant to be and how awful a person she was to have in this lead role influencing kids who’d see it. She’s arrogant, disrespectful and full of hate for everything. There is very little to nothing to like about her and I really didn’t get her at all. I think her appearance in the film ruined it for me.

I DO still like the film however, it was fast paced, cheesey and witty and I would watch it again for its cheery tone and smiel it puts on your face for the same reason Glee might do. The wrong reasons. Worth a watch but nothing that spectacular. See it for Rebel ‘Matt Lucas’ Wilson.


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