The Walking Dead // Season 3 – First Half Review

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“You wanted your brother… now you got him”

So, I finished the first half of this latest season over the christmas break and I have to say it is one of the hardest Television Shows to put down. I wanted to save it, I really did, but it was hard enough to limit myself to one a night let alone going a… day… without getting a fix. The final two episodes in the series saw The Governor really begin to show his true evil that has been built up since his entry to the show as he takes Glenn and Maggie hostage, torturing them for information on where they are sheltering. Merle, the real muscles of the piece get violent and sets a zombie on a tied up Glenn resulting in quite an intense scene to say the least. The Governor’s exploits slightly toned down from the comic counterpart but still as twisted and psychological as ever, stripping Maggie to make her feel worthless before beating her for information.

The epic season break finale comes with Michonne finding her way to Rick’s Prison and leading the group to The Governor’s Woodbury where Andrea is continuing her love affair with the psychopath (unknown to the group) in order to save Glenn and Maggie. The last 20-mins of this episode is solid stuff featuring a prolonged gun fight along the streets where the Governor struggles to contain his people and fight off the organised ranks under Rick. Not sure whether Daryl going back and giving them cover was his own ploy to find brother Merle or not but whatever it was it landed them both in so much trouble for the cliff-hanger.

Michonne played a large part in the finale seeking revenge on The Governor and to bring justice to his wrong-doings, I like her as she seems to keep quiet and just watch, taking everything in, she seems to know good from bad and susses out people very easily where others have different ways of earning trust like Rick takes too much concentration upon the opinions of the group Michonne knows after a short while if someone is a goodun! Her fight with The Governor is brutal and leaves him wounded both facially and mentally after she kills his zombie daughter. She exits when Andrea comes to his rescue and seemingly chooses her side (hopefully this proves costly and she will die eurgh!) and helps nurse The Governor’s now blinded eye, enter the eye patch!

The end of the episode we see new arrivals to both camps with new black lead (presumably, after T-Dog’s drawn out exit, he was ready to go after season 1) Tyreese looks like a great character (one drawn directly from the comics just taken a time coming), meanwhile Daryl is ready to be hung for his crimes against Woodbury along with brother Merle, could this spell their end as well as Andrea finally realising who entered Woodbury by force.

I saw the trailer for the second half of the season after the last episode and unfortunately now know Daryl survives (which is good for me because he is my favourite, but I wanted that feeling of not knowing) – who knows though! It could be his last moments! I heavily doubt that though as he has such a strong following from the fans. I hope brother Merle rejoins Rick’s camp as it would make for an interesting reunion and dynamic and I can see reasons for him to change his ways, be a bit awkward with Michonne though and I don’t think he’d last long. Interesting will be how Rick deals with the threat of The Governor now seeking revenge and heavily armed compared to Rick’s group. The creators of the show said the prison sequences taken from the comics could last two season but it seems to be going so fast it might be done this time next series! I’m sure there are going to be shock deaths just around the corner though, my predictions would be several (not really shock) from Tyreese’s group, Hershel and maybe Carol will have their time to leave and then for a ‘big death’ at the end of the series I could see Andrea and/or Maggie being given the chop, although I do like Maggie.

I am a fan of how the show works, other shows build up to a big death in a series whereas The Walking Dead is more real, its unexpected, stuff happens from left field, in the season 2 opener Carl gets shot and stuns audiences, I have gotten my flatmate into the series now and he was watching that particular episode last night and when it happened he actually gasped (not that anyone could like Carl in season 2 he’s the reason they have to leave the farm!) – I started him on the series on Saturday and since then he has watched everything up to season 3 episode 4 and says it is impossible to put down. The theme of the walkers not being the real enemy in this season is what is working for me, I like the walkers being a threat but the real enemy is man himself.

I like that Rick’s character is getting darker and that Daryl is growing as the man he will turn to if things go up shit creek so hope we get more of that relationship soon, however, I can see Michonne and Tyreese becoming big parts of the show alongside Glen and the now less irritating Carl. Lori well and truly won the award for shittest mom of the year this series and her character was so on and off it was unbearable  I loved to hate her. So, from February I will be doing episode by episode reviews for the series instead of in bulk as this time I won’t save them up! Seriously watch the series, if zombies aren’t your thing you don’t know what you’re missing out on, it’s exciting and energy-pumping, the acting is amazing and you feel as if anything could happen at any time. The best drama on television by a country mile and the best thing? You can watch it so many times and never really get bored. I’ve dipped in and out of episodes while my flatmate has watched them and loved spotting things I didn’t before. Also, watch the webisodes! They’ve done them for each season and they are all clever 20 minute productions (when put together), where the acting might be a bit bad the stories and ideas are good, the first citing the story of Hanna, the first zombie that Rick kills that crawls along the floor. There are lots of little hints to the episodes in it too which is nice!

Anyway, til February! Don’t get bit!


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