The Walking Dead // New Poster Unveiled


AMC have released this teaser poster for the second half of their outstanding third season of The Walking Dead. Featuring both The Governor and Rick Grimes we can surely hope for some kind of big confrontation of revenge that has been set up from the events of episodes 1-8. As the tagline reads, “An Eye for an Eye” could we expect the series to follow suit with the comics and cut Rick’s hand off? Somehow I don’t think so as it would take so much work in post production with him being the main character featuring heavily to edit a hand out of every action sequence could prove hard, however, they can adapt and change the series but it is probably too obvious to say The Governor will take an eye, besides, it wasn’t actually Rick who did anything to him. No matter what, this second half to the series will be amazing, I can just tell because of the love and effort gone into the show. Cannot wait for Tyreese to really join the flow and Michonne really being part of the group.


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