The Terminal // Spielberg Season


“I can’t ask him what he’s doing, I’m supposed to tell him what he’s doing”

So with the release of Lincoln in a week or so I have decided it’s about time I paid some respect to one of the world’s greatest film-makers, Steven Spielberg. I’ve decided to wade my way through his humungous list of directed films that I have not yet seen, and to be honest there’s no good excuse for me not to have seen. I am starting this journey with a film I watched the other day The Terminal, a 2004 entry to Spielberg’s ever-growing list of epics. Starring Tom Hanks as an eastern immigrant who finds himself with no nationality after a war strikes in his homeland and in a strange situation where he can’t enter or leave the country ends up taking temporary residence in JKF airport.

The film echoed Forrest Gump to me despite being on a far less epic scale and more set in it’s ways it is a story of character growth and adjustment in a set amount of time and we see Viktor grow and learn in his new environment. It is a heart-warming story of a really innocent character having to make do with the best his life has offered him in order to complete a journey in his father’s honour. In true Spielberg fashion we really do have the classic mix of humour, a villain and a loveable hero and apart from the film’s lengthy run-time it is an enjoyable watch.

The Terminal is a memorable film, mainly for Hanks’ performance and the setting but this does feel pushed after a while and even after you get used to Hanks talking in a thick eastern accent it does feel like the film in general is slowing down so much that not much is going on.

I like the fact the film is about making friends and making do with what you have and every character who works in the airport has their own little role which is nice but I just think it became a little tiresome despite being really enjoyable and great to watch because apart from Frank there wasn’t much for Viktor to bounce off of and evolve some more as a character. Spielberg does however, make one of film’s most loveable character since Forrest Gump, must be something to do with Hanks’ face!

It’s not my favourite Spielberg film, but definitely a good one and one that deserves a watch just for the characters and plot evolving throughout as situations change and Viktor wises up, there are lots of heart-warming and teary moments but in the end everything comes good, as you’d expect.


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