Catastrophic Casanova // Frankie Cocozza

The coke sniffing shamed ex-XFactor act from last series has returned with a second helping of what I assume is a forthcoming album, ‘Catastrophic Casanova’ is reminiscent of that plinky-plonk British indy sound from the first half of the 00’s made famous by Scouting for Girls and The Feeling and what is refreshing about his style (that was never really shown on the show) is that he doesn’t pretend to be something else, he’s not the best singer, but neither is Bowie, and I am in no way comparing Cocozza to Bowie in terms of quality. Cocozza sings in a proper British accent rather than this forced american dub we tend to get from other winners such as his year’s Little Mix.

Out of his two-so-far releases this is a very catchy tune as was ‘She’s Got A Motorcycle’ and is a very fun bouncy song which makes you feel stupidly happy and it does beg some questions about the show where acts like Cocozza and James Arthur (who obviously have a talent for writing catchy/good songs) and have both shown this prior to the show were never allowed to perform their own songs that might have made them far more popular whereas acts like Ella Henderson (an Adele we don’t need) and Lesbian (who wants everyone to know she’s a lesbian because she is so edgy) Lucy Spraggan were allowed to repeatedly sing their own songs to get through the competition stages. Something doesn’t seem right here.

Anyway, a good song which obviously won’t go anywhere much like Aiden Grimshaw’s offer which was one of my albums of 2012. His following isn’t quite strong enough and unfortunately he’s not Irish to share in the success Jedward have because Ireland will buy stuff Irish make.


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