Doctor Who to return in two months!


“You can’t fix this like you fix your bow-tie”

BBC’s jewel in their exporting crown Doctor Who has today been announced to return this easter on 30th March. Usually, an announcement like this would give me a rush of excitement followed by a feeling of wanting to watch old episodes and try and figure out stories that could happen but for the first time… this hasn’t really happened. Sure, I’m looking forward to new Doctor Who but there’s just something not right now, the excitement for the series isn’t there, the hype that surrounded the show since it’s 2005 comeback up until around series 5 has slowly faded on television anyway.

As a Matt Smith fan it’s hard to say that the BBC doesn’t seem to hype the series as much as did around Tennant’s run where there would be numerous adverts, clips and teaser between programming all day everyday while it was broadcasting. Since Smith was regenerated in however the buzz has seemed to drop a little and the advertisements appear more online rather than television itself.

For me there are two problems surrounding Doctor Who right now. Series 5 and 6 were so clever, and so well written it was always going to be a tough act to follow but with Amy and Rory’s exit in the 5 episodes we have had I was expecting maybe one last throw of the dice in terms of story arcs, this wasn’t delivered and instead we seem to be introduced to Jenna Louise Coleman’s new assistant more. This is my first problem, it’s more personal taste than anything but I have never been a fan of this girl and I can’t stand her mannerisms outside of the show or her acting capabilities inside it as proven in the latest lacklustre and very un-Moffat-like Christmas Special.

I never reviewed the newest Christmas edition of my beloved Doctor Who for many reasons, mainly because it was poor, slightly stupid and very un-Matt Smith. It turned out more as a comedy with the highlights actually leaving me wishing General Strax was the new assistant and not ‘Clara’ the new assistant that keeps dying but is somehow still alive. Maybe her story will be good, but I know I won’t like her. I do however hope that we see a good run of episodes in March that respark my interest for the series.

My other bug is this: For some bizarre reason the Americans have suddenly decided Doctor Who is a good show and because of this the BBC choose to make money by exporting it there, good for budgets surely? Well, it may well be but the problem is it’s lost some of its charm, at times it starts to feel less like Britain and the world’s longest-running Sci-Fi show and more like America’s latest punt. I can see what Moffat is doing making it look as glossy as possible and that is cool, it does look great, Moffat is a great showrunner and knows exactly what to do in terms of complex stories that actually involve time seeing as it is a show about time-travel this seems important and something RTD missed completely. I am worried that Moffat wanting to do ‘epic one part episodes’ that feel like a film may ruin some of the classic Doctor Who vibe though with two-parters (when done well) have been some of the most exciting and best episodes TV has seen.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want that crappy series 1 look we had with plastic Mickey, I just don’t get why we are having to market it to things that Americans will want to see instead of the British viewing public, All I want is clever Moffat stories back again with a great story arc (not revolving so much around the assistant again) but more around The Doctor and an enemy, like Saxon/The Master in Series 3 or The Pandorica in series 5. I also think we need a return of The Master as I’d love to see Simm opposite Smith, I’d like that much more than Captain Gay Harkness as much as I like Torchwood I don’t think he needs to be in Doctor Who again.


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