Suit & Tie

“I… Can’t… WAIT to get you on the floor good lookin”

I really should have said something earlier about Justin Timberlake’s belated return to music with his new single ‘Suit & Tie’. It definitely is a grower thats for sure, the first time I heard it I was disappointed but the more I listen the more I start to enjoy it and it reminds me (in a good way) of ‘Damn Girl’ off FutureSex/LoveSounds. It becomes catchy and in a way very fresh, I can’t wait for an actual video to emerge for the song. How he didn’t reach the top spot this weekend with this song is beyond me but what I think it might need is a really good remix as it’s probably a bit too 00’s for this Will.I.Am and Rihanna dominated chart we call ‘pop music’, in fact, the more you listen the majority of the top ten the more you can literally feel your brain-cells rotting away and dying. Cannot wait for the album.


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