“I’m Addicted To Facebook” // Uni Documentary Production

For the production side of my course I was billed with writing, filming and editing a 10-minute documentary on a topic of my choice. I’m not a big fan of factual writing or documentary making so this isn’t exactly my best piece and the subject matter does seem to stray from the title… but, oh well. It’s not exactly what it could have been but because of lost footage and a rather short amount of real time to work with to get good interviewees I don’t think it ever really had potential to be amazing. I think my editing work is good though for what I had to work with and the Big Fat Gypsy Weddings music fits the bill well. Have a little look and see what you think, this semester we get to do a 10-minute fictional piece and I hope he doesn’t restrict us in terms of genre because I have 3 brilliant and slightly audacious ideas I’d like to try, the trouble will be picking one and maybe saving another back with the more potential to work on for my major production next year!


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