Amistad // Spielberg Season


“Give us Free!!!”

I don’t know what I expected from Amistad as a film I hadn’t heard of but only read the short synopsis for on IMDB. The plot and era didn’t really interest me that much but I kind of stuck with it, on the whole it seemed pretty forgettable and the type of film you might find on ITV3 bookended by episodes of On The Buses instead of a proper Spielberg epic I’m kind of used to. There isn’t much I can really say about this film as I don’t want to criticise it that much because it was solid just not interesting but then interest is all about the beholder I guess. I was really waiting for a recognisable black actor to appear in the film, on my shortlist I had Washington as my favourite to appear with Jackson and Freeman following but it was my third, and probably the most influential and wise of black actors in films that did make the appearance… even he didn’t seem too into this production, it was all very lacklustre and court based drama. The best scene was Cinque screaming ‘Give us Free’ to the room though… I liked that bit a lot. Overall though… A tad boring and not much happens, give this one a miss if you get the offer.


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