My Mad Fat Diary // Episodes 1 & 2


“I was not peeping!”

My Mad Fat Diary started two weeks ago on E4 and is a prime example of the mistakes that could have been made when Skins first started 7 years ago. While watching this less than inspiring, done so many times before on CBBC adaptation from a book it is clear that the producers first picked the soundtrack before deciding on the story and its plots. Most annoyingly I’m sure we are heading for a new breed of hipster prats listening to Oasis, Blur and The Stone Roses and claiming to have done so ‘before they were mainstream’ despite them being out of the industry for years now, despite Blur and The Roses’ recent reunions, I just mean they haven’t done anything significant since the 90’s.

The second thing that was thought about was being ‘edgy’ and doing something ‘different’ and in this very unfortunate case we see the casting of a morbidly obese Sharon Rooney in the part of Rae Earl. The character itself seems like a fine choice, if it was maybe alongside 7 other oddballs each with own ‘issues’ to deal with in teenage life, very much like Skins but instead we just have dear old Rae, week in, week out. The joy.

Earlier I mention the story having been done numerous times on CBBC, sure, this series has sex and swearing and general crudeness (edgy as hell) but when it comes down to it, this is just a crap Tracy Beaker without the dumping ground and more thought going into a ‘cool’ soundtrack rather than interesting stories.

I’m not being mean, but the character of Rae isn’t even a nice one, she has very few redeeming qualities about her and she can’t even fall back onto her looks to get by, no, instead the writers seem to try and make us feel sorry for this oaf who bounds around the scenes looking to sleep with any guy willing to look at her twice… she is such a wonderful role-model for a generation of idiots. As an audience we seem to be forced to feel for her because she has an eating disability, again, I’m not being hard-faced but come on, eating too much is not a disorder, it is greed. If you are willing to eat 10 buckets of KFC a week it comes hand in hand knowing that you will get fat, in the same way you know pointing a loaded gun at your temple and pulling the trigger is going to kill you. It is a choice and if you make that choice you are going to become unhealthy so don’t start whinging about it after or start feeling sorry for yourself and self-harming like her, instead, do something about it for yourself and do some exercise and eat some vegetables. Come on, just a stick of celery, it will help!

So in episode one it is set up with Rae getting out a mad-house having been cured of her ‘eating disability’ *cough* and then starts hanging out with a group of ‘cool kids’ who are seen constantly drinking and obsessed with the way they look and sex… actually, I have never seen them in any form of education despite being what? No more than 18 surely. Rae soon falls for obviously gay Archie who can play a guitar and sing indy songs and has glasses… so dreamy! The episode ends with Rae fitting in at a swimming pool after briefly almost losing her shit because she got her thighs out and everyone saw her scars then got her fat arse stuck on a slide. She gets in and everyone ‘accepts’ her. What a shallow group of individuals.

Episode two see’s not much change. Rae focuses all her attentions on sex and having an orgasm in this episode, the thought alone is enough to make the audience hurl in their own mouths. But nevertheless, love of her life Archie asks her out on a date! So soon!? Scream the mindless clapping audience who sit in front of their box under a padded duvet while stuffing another handful of rolos into their mouths while thinking ‘this is a character I can really relate to’. The date goes well and the pair kiss. Rae then lies to the girls and says he touched her up too and then later on in the episode we find out Archie is a peeping tom at the sports centre and is actually gay. Shocker. By the end of the episode Rae has already moved her sexual attentions to ex-Hollyoaker Newt (I think he’s called Finn in this).

However, there is one small redeeming feature from this heartless and simply despicable series (and I’m ignoring the music because the show itself verges on me starting to hate Oasis despite being a big fan the way fat Rae treats songs so deeply makes me feel ill) it is in fact a character called Tix, this is where the series actually works and as I said would probably have felt more relaxed and at ease focusing in on a character every week rather than solely on the obese struggles of Rae Earl who can’t stop eating. A 90’s version of Skins would work just as well as the original two generations and I would even hazard saying it would be just as enjoyable with a range of characters. Anyway, my point was that Tix is actually an interesting character with an obvious back-story begging to be told and explored, her experiences in the care home feel like something that would actually be worth seeing and in a strange way she is likeable and even grows on you although only being briefly seen in both episodes, maybe this is a character we will see more of soon enough though… If I can put myself through another episode…


3 thoughts on “My Mad Fat Diary // Episodes 1 & 2

  1. First of, I had to sit down with a cup of tea (and then three more) to calm down after reading this.

    I’m just gonna go through your awful excuse for a review step by step so even someone like you can follow. I’m even going to number everything just in case you get lost in concepts you don’t understand. Concepts I’m not really going to explain, because you donut deserve that kind of decency. However, you are free to google everything. 😉

    1) The series is British, it’s not a re-make of Skins. There are similarities, sure. But it’s not the same show.
    Why would they pick the music first? The music clearly is part of the mid 90’s.
    If you have a problem with people listening to music from a series they like, then, yeah, well, you have a problem, don’t you? But there are always going to be stuck up people in the world – you would know.

    2) Fat shaming isn’t cool or edgy.

    3) I highly doubt the point of the series is to be edgy. If you did have the capability to see what a great actress Sharon Rooney is, maybe … No, forget it. You don’t.

    4) Sharon nothing but beautiful.
    The fact that you don’t know of BED (Binge Eating Disorder) would explain a lot. But actually, the eating is in no way her main problem. But seeing as you haven’t even seen half the first season, you can’t really judge that at all.
    But honestly, I doubt you will tai anything from this response. I’m doing the response for me because you are blatantly fat shaming and I’m not going to let that go.

    5) Ableism is not cool either.
    Other than that I won’t repeat myself further than: fat shaming is awful.

    6) Do I smell a hint of homophobia, too? This is amazing.
    Jesus, she’s a teenage girl exploring her sexuality. You don’t get to tell her, who she can and can’t fancy.

    7) Really only writing this in the hope that I will never see you near the series again.

    Tix dies.

    (Last note: I like the whole Nazi-feel in the headline thing you’ve got going. Makes you so fucking likable. – That is to be read in the most sarcastic tone you can muster.)

  2. I am only going to comment on one thing in this absurdity of a review because to comment on anything else seems like a waste of time because it is so clear that critiques made have no ground to stand on. But this point really got to me “eating too much is not a disorder, it is greed”, you really should get your facts straight before you make such ridiculous statements. There’s this thing called The Diagnostic Statistical Manuel and in there contains a section on eating disorders, one of which is Binge Eating Disorder (BED) which quite literally is a ‘disorder of eating too much and not being able to control it’, so you saying that is like saying someone with anorexia does not have a disorder but just isn’t ever hungry. I just feel like you need to be a little more informed before you make reviews on anything.

  3. Well shit it seems like you just had the perfect little childhood didn’t you. Mummy and Daddy were both always there for you and you always knew the nutritional value to everything and always knew how to eat right and deal with your minuscule problems in a safe and perfect little way. Clearly you know the secret to life and you are a happy and giving soul and can’t understand why everyone else isn’t more like you. WELL GUESS WHAT MATE, not all of us have perfect lives like you and as a result of that we can harm ourselves because of the psychological impact of what we have had to deal with. Food is a comfort to most people and although it can make us sick and “fat” it’s not something we can physically help. You don’t make a conscious decision to eat 10 buckets of KFC it’s a subconscious thing because at that point in time it makes us feel better. Then after the binge we can see what we have done and we hate ourselves for it and that is what leads to self harm so FUCK YOU and go do your research before making assumptions about peoples live’s like that!!

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