Miles Kane Returns!

“You’re pretty… Good Looking… But I’m looking for a way out!”

I’m completely unsure how I missed this! The video has been up for a week and I have no idea how long it has been out before then but I just spotted a brand new Miles Kane track ‘Give Up’ on YouTube and I have to say I was not disappointed, not that I was expecting to be. Everything that I have come to expect from the co-member of The Last of the Shadow Puppets and from his debut album what… three years ago now? Miles Kane is up there with the best of the best for me and every step as good as Alex Turner in this new breed of indy rock that The Arctic Monkeys really kicked off in 2006 and took Britain by storm soon after.

Come on and give up control! Give up tainting my soul! You stand so tall, you come and take it all… Come on and give up control!

If anything this song is better than what I was expecting, but then I wasn’t expecting anything while mindlessly scrolling through YouTube and watching dogs dancing the samba… as you do really on a Thursday afternoon waiting for you afternoon lecture to start. Cannot wait for some new Miles Kane on my iPod soon in this case and will have to look into when he is back… All I need now is some form of more Julian Casablancas solo material… That would complete the set… as well as a new Arctic Monkeys album with that gritty rock vibe and the long-awaited new Franz Ferdinand album that must be coming soon as they are lined up for Bestival.


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