Nice to be Alone

Married With Children is one of my all time favourite tunes and one of the first three I always end up going to when fancying a bit of Oasis. The lyrics and chords on the album version and even this live Noel Gallagher version are wonderfully melancholy and haunting that guarantee to send shivers down your spine. It’s the kind of song you want to yell the words to at the top of voice while it plays. That key change when it goes into the bridge just melts me and the whole vocal experience of Gallagher is just so identifiable and the whole thing is very much just summing up Oasis. This song is about giving up and not giving a shit to be honest and for some reason despite that being such a pessimistic subject to sing about it is so uplifting when you listen to it. This is what music really is. As a fan says at the end of the clip ‘It’s Noel Gallagher innit!’… it really is that simple. Inspiration for two generations.


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