The End is in Sight for the Cornetto Trilogy


The first official still from The World’s End has been released and we finally get a proper look at Gary King (Simon Pegg) in what seems to be a rather gothic costume. We’ve already seen Pegg and Frost in a sci-fi outing a couple of years ago with Paul but without Edgar Wright it lacked that something special that Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz always have no matter how many times you watch them so the expectations are riding high for what could be a contendor for the best film trilogy ever. So the story sees a group of childhood friends meet up and go on a major pub crawl ending at ‘The World’s End’ but an unannounced danger lurks throughout and threatens the very existence of the earth. I’m sure not only will it use the cliches of the genre to its advantage but it will also reinvent the genre and make something very special to end the series… It’d be nice to see Peter Serafinowicz and Steven Merchant get cameos again too to complete the trilogy and make it the celebration of great British film that I am sure it will be.



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