Collections // Triumphant Celebration of Synth by Delphic


When Delphic first came about in 2010 with the release of Doubt or for me, the iTunes ‘free song of the week’ This Momentary there has always been something special and overlooked about them with their bizarre mix of rock vocals with 80’s/modern synth beats that create an almost trance-like genre of its own something similar to MGMT and Hurts but just a bit deeper and something you can really sit in a dark room and ‘froth’ to.

To ‘froth’ is a term coined by myself and a friend while listening to some slightly depressing but at the same time uplifting songs while sitting in my dark lava-lamp lit room. This list of songs eligible for the list is always on the rise and begun with only a select few of ‘founding members’ that included Dido, Delphic and as you may expect, Coldplay, but since then the sheer amount of genres that ‘froth’ covers as well as the range of artists is exceptional. The beauty of froth is as you sit there just ‘frothing’ over your own life and choices the music changes and occasionally builds into something that is not ‘froth’ and then you take it back down to standard froth in a constant struggle of calmness. Delphic’s Collections is most certainly froth material.

Kicking off with the slightly more uplifting and upscaled synth tune ‘Of the Young’ the album intentions are clearly set up as to build on their foundations but with a slight change to the style going for a more rock-like style of vocal rather than what we were used to on Delphic. Some of the songs featured on the LP are slow builders and some are clear standouts such as single Baiya and The Sun Also Rises. The album closing song Exotic again changes up the style while keeping it all fluid with rap vocals that really come out of left field but please the ear in a very nice way.

What I seem to like about this album is that every song has its own individuality but when put together it meshes perfectly, something that seems to be hard to get from an album these days. This is clever and modern music for a generation that is still listening to lifeless club beats by David Guetta and whoever he is working with at the time. Collections has life and soul in every song included and has a very addictive sound and appealing to real music fans I should imagine, especially those fond of Bloc Party and maybe those familiar with Late of the Pier. It is hard to tell how Delphic has been so overlooked by the music world and surely deserve more praise than what they are getting right now.

I love the fact this album has obviously taken time to write and make and it shows, where your standard chart music album is churned out of the industry in a few months and sounds all the same apart from maybe 2-3 tracks to be used as singles on a good album you may have your favourite songs but each and every song has its own right to be there and there are no ‘fillers’ and each are as good as the last. Delphic’s Collections is an incredibly easy album to listen to and there is so much going on in the melodies that by the end of the album some of the instrumentals are sounding more epic than you may expect from the rock-synth trio. A must-hear album for the month at least but I’m sure I will still be listening in 5 years from now.


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