TWD // The Suicide King

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“Just follow my lead little brother… We’re getting out of this!”

The Walking Dead finally returned to American screens last night and thanks to the wonder of the internet it was available to view online on various websites within 2 hours of its American airtime. TWD blew back onto AMC with a massive 15.22 million people watching to see how Daryl and Merle would escape the grasps of The Governor. So there I was… sat with my Walking Dead addicted (because of me) housemate eating pasta, mash potato and gammon steak at 7 in the morning watching the event we had been waiting for for about a month now and for the first time we both felt a certain disappointment. I had always saved series up, not watching until all the episodes were out and ready to watch this way I can just run through them back to back like a mad man, this was the first time either of us had watched a new episode just one at a time and it is frustrating. As always the quality is so good and the drama so intense and always being built upon that a 45-minute episode ends up feeling like it only lasts 20 and by time we get to watch Rick go insane at the sight of the ghost of Lori haunting him the episode ends and we are both sat there looking at a blank screen wondering why it wasn’t continuing.

To think this is only the third season of TWD is strange because it feels so timeless and could have easily been going for years now and as we continue this story’s journey you always feel that anything could happen and the utter disappointment mixed with pure epicness that is Daryl and Merle leaving the group to fend for themselves is not only emotional but just so Daryl and so, so cool. The show wouldn’t be the same without him right now and to say I was disappointed to see both of them walk into the woods away from Rick despite his struggle to get him to stay would be an understatement and if it wasn’t for the next time bit at the end of the show I would have been worried as to if we would ever see The Walking Dixons again, the show has begun to hinge on their story in certain points despite there being so much going on, I think it might be the fact that the story isn’t overly played upon but there’s always enough to keep the story fresh.

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Rick going insane at the end was indeed a surprise to everyone and almost makes me wonder how long this Rick will last in comparison to his comic book counterpart. It certainly makes an interesting dynamic for this half of the season but always makes me a little worried that it will start to divert too far from the comic source and if they made the choice axe Rick in a shock move would the series really work?

Michonne had a disappointingly small role to play and because of Rick’s unstable state she is seen as some sort of enemy rather than a real asset to the team that she will (hopefully) later become and Tyresse’s group as well are the type of characters the group needs which has made me begin to think maybe they are thinking of doing something to Rick’s character to allow him to stay… maybe he will go AWOL for a bit and then come back more epic than ever or maybe these characters will show their worth this series meaning they are given the chance to stay (more likely). Either way the series gets more epic every time it airs.

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The character relationships and web of emotions created is always getting more complicated and the fact some people like others but not some people makes the dynamics interesting and tense as to survive they need a team that works together and not at each others necks all the time and the surprise of Glenn snapping at Rick really did surprise and gave him a new edge to the character.

I wonder how season 4 will turn out without the original showrunners at the helm, hopefully it will still be going in this wonderful fresh direction because The Walking Dead, as ever, is like nothing else on TV and is by far the most interesting and fantastic bit of viewing I think many people this generation will see.


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