Glee Season 4 // What’s the point?


So, Glee was huge when it started off a few years ago right? A simple, yet endearing story of a group of high school misfits singing their way out of their problems and up the social ladder. So what’s changed? The last 2 seasons of the show has become almost what it initially had set out not to be, songs seem to break out in corridors in a very High School Musical kind of way and the lack of continuity especially regarding season 4 is actually making the show hilarious to watch as well as mind boggling to try and understand.

I have a few bug-bears with this season specifically but the main one is this: at the end of season three, actually, season three in general was about saying goodbye to some of the series’ favourite and major characters which to me would suggest this was a good way to reshuffle the cast pulling characters to the front and introducing newbies to the cast very much like British series Misfits and Being Human have done so very well, the problem? America cannot let go of anything and instead, throughout season 4 we are still greeted with that looming face of Mercedes and co. who have supposed to have left. Don’t get me wrong, the story of Kurt and Rachel in New York is not only very interesting but almost runs the show itself now which is supposed to be about High School and there were loads of rumours before this season about them having a spin-off but instead we are trapped with this what can only be described as a mess of a show. It feels like they didn’t know which way to take it, they had the choice of staying with the characters or the setting and thought ‘fuck it, let’s keep everything’ so instead of learning to love new characters like Jake in the same way we loved Finn and Puck we don’t get the time with them and are still watching Rachel do the same thing she has done for 3 seasons. Their inclusions however are nowhere near as tedious and pointless as the constant cameos of Mercedes, Santana and Quinn that ruin the show. If they didn’t want them to leave the show include them in a proper way or not let them grow up at all… make a decision because this is a mess.

Okay, so the second point is the awful continuity that bugs the show, I’m not sure what is happening half the time and the way Will flutters in and out, one minute being away for a new job then all of a sudden back then away again is stupid and obviously just a reason to give Finn a role (I do kind of like Finn’s role though). I think Finn slowly becoming Schuhster is one pf my favourite things I like about the show right now, from the clothes to the way episodes end with him watching the choir perform in front of him and there’s a shot of him half smiling and clapping at the very end… comedy genius… if it was intended or not. I read a post on Tumblr about the continuity in Glee and apparently it is Sugar going back in time and fixing things that go wrong so that’s why it doesn’t make sense sometimes… apparently she does this because he character doesn’t make much sense otherwise. It seems as legit as anything else that goes on in this shambles.

Point three now and I think one of the funniest things about this season was that around 3 episodes in a row ended the same way when Finn came back the episodes seemed to end with a massive group performance of some ballad starting with just him singing and then loads of others coming into it and then by time it finished the music would stop and the camera pull out and it would be just him… so he was just imagining the whole thing? How much is he imagining? Did they win nationals last season? Are half the characters real? I don’t know anymore.

Point four… just too much gay. Literally, not homophobic at all, but when it’s almost impossible to locate a straight character in a primetime American show anyone straight ends up feeling unable to relate to characters and situations.

Point five, the songs aren’t even good anymore.

Rant over… two more episodes this season to regain some dignity… hoping that this season was all just a figment of Finn’s continuous mental disorder.


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