Step forward from whence you came Sir David of Brent

Big news today from camp Gervais as word has arisen that comedy hero David Brent is to return to our screens 10 years since his last appearance! Before this I hadn’t cared much for this year’s Red Nose Day as it seemed to be more about promoting yet more trash from One Direction… and really, who needs that now? Everyone on the planet know they exist, do we really need to know much more about them let alone having to sit through them murdering not one but two classic rock songs in one awful medley while mindless souls sit back believing that One Way or Another is in fact an original One Direction track…

Anyway, in a rather ironic turn of events we are reunited with failed office manager David Brent during this year’s comic relief on BBC1… the last time we Brent celebrated his beloved Red Nose Day he ended up being made redundant but now he is back and pursuing his real passion… music.

I think Gervais’ skits are what I look forward to most come RND now because as far back as I can remember it’s always his and Smerch’s productions that have me rolled up and actually laughing, from his fake trip to Africa to The Office: The Opera they are always of a great quality unlike some of the other content we receive which is usually something like Merlin characters wearing red noses and saying ‘what is this foolish nose wear you are donning’ and the joke is always the same every other year. Red Nose Day isn’t as funny as it should be but amidst the crap there are gems like Gervais… it just depends who is getting involved.

The return of Brent is very exciting but also very daunting as any slip up of humour being misplaced could spell a nasty tarnished record on the otherwise perfect record set by The Office as probably the funniest sitcom ever made. I am hoping for the best…


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