The Midnight Beast // The UK’s reply to The Lonely Island?


“I shop so much at Asda that I’m sponsored by George.”

This evening, in the midst of a terrible rut of boredom after destroying any moral and happiness I had from the day by playing (I say ‘playing’, clearly my skills aren’t up to much) Pro Evolution Soccer Online and continuously being whipped into shape by ugly football rather than the beautiful game that I play that sees fluent passing up field that always deserves but never gets a goal, I discovered a new three-piece comedy band who go by the name The Midnight Beast. There I was, just scrolling down the various YouTube pages when a Harlem Shake pisstake jumps out at me, immediately I thought these guys have ‘something’… I still wasn’t sure at this point what that ‘something’ was but I kind of liked it. Anyway, I continued to their channel and watched a few more of their music videos and there is a clear likeness to American comedy group The Lonely Island in both musical style and humour. On top of this the lead singer’s voice reminded me of a band I liked a few years ago, this was extra sweet when I discovered Midnight Beast lead singer Stefan Abingdon was the very same Stefan Abingdon who fronted indie rock-rap trio The Clik Clik a few years back… He does have a very distinctive voice.

So, I was enjoying their glorious mix of toilet humour, swearing and pisstake parodies when I then stumble across the fact the trio also starred in an e4 sitcom last year! Immediately I jumped on the bandwagon and loaded up 4OD expecting the British Lonely Island to become the British Flight of the Conchords… Unfortunately the likeness between cult heroes FotC and The Midnight Beasts ends at the fact they have television series centred around their music. Where their music may be creepily enjoyable and funny to listen their ‘sitcom’ (and I use the term very lightly as there may have been a situation but I failed to find much comedy from the first three episodes which is as far as I got) was pretty lame. The beauty of Flight of the Conchords is their music is clever and so is their humour and they are versatile enough to be able to act well… this certainly cannot be said about The Midnight Beast boys… a few short drama lessons wouldn’t have gone a miss pre-production but taking it for what it is I ended up just sitting and waiting… longing even for the next song and some of the time the songs didn’t correspond with the story, again something that FotC always did very well and humorously.

Despite the fact the lads have created a pretty dire sitcom I will forgive them solely for the fact their music itself is full of that Brit toilet humour and charm. In fact, the really scary thing is that if you take away the overuse of swears, the toilet humour and some of the subject matter of the lyrics the songs themselves wouldn’t be so disimilar to the work of Will.I.Am (or as Charlie Brooker would call him ‘Will.U.Go.Away’) which could seem clever and quite a finger to point at the music industry and charts of today. The problem with comedy songs like this is that a lot of them are very hit and miss, I know with The Lonely Island when they get it right it’s amazing, but the rest are a little ‘meh’, “Weird” Al Yankovic is the same but he’s a little more hit than miss and Flight of the Conchords very rarely miss the mark. So where do I rank The Midnight Beast? Around the same mark as The Lonely Island, if Britain was more aware of these sorts of acts I’m sure popstars might flock to feature in songs much like they do for Lonely Island but if that ever happened it might take something away from what is so individual about the vocals and style of the stupidity of the humour.

I think I like the way that at first you could be mistaken for this group to be serious but then you realise, they are just taking the piss, and the majority of people are laughing with them at Will.I.Am and the other nonsical drones that litter the Top 40 these days *cough* Rihanna etc *cough* that don’t seem to do anything different but groan over a club beat.


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