Utopia // The Twist?


Utopia came to an end around a week ago now and the last episode in the current series didn’t leave all too much to be desired on the whole. I had the feeling that as I watched the hour-long finale of the series that the show had hit its heights too early on with catastrophic scenes of shock gore and bloody violence and had almost run out of things to shock the loyal audience it has acquired. In fact, the episode seemed to hold off and hold off on any real substance to take forward to the next series (if there is one) right until the final minutes and then it still became a little anti-climactic. The design and style was superb as it had been the entire series managing to shoe-horn bright yellows to correspond with the theme in every scene throughout the episodes and the acting from the lead characters was also superb and kept tensions high as well as the very real risk of anything being able to happen. In the next paragraph I am going to talk about the final moments so if you haven’t seen it yet I advise you skip it!

So in the final moments we learn that the manifesto that the whole series has seemingly been about actually meant nothing and the code had in fact been saved and engineered into Jessica Hyde herself by her evil father who experimented on both her and the by-the-end loveable Arby. This makes the events of the series pretty pointless and makes the whole series worth a re-watch just because I feel it will clear an awful lot up of what everyone was doing. The complete bluffing and double bluffing over Milner’s loyalties was gloriously frustrating to cope with but the reveal by the end of her true identity as Mr. Rabbit was inevitable for the series to have a viable and fist clenching conclusion. I never knew where I stood with her throughout and the way she kills her own officers off without blinking is frighteningly vivid and really harsh creating a completely evil vileness for the second series.

Meanwhile, Ian, Becky and Grant believe fleeing the country for a few months will clear them of any harm after Milner reassures them and Becky (who has pointlessly been struggling with an illness in secret) ends up running away on her own from Ian and Grant leaving them standing on the station. This side of the story seems completely open to go anywhere for the next series including ridding the three of them completely, the most likely to return however I would guess would be Grant after the bond between Jessica and him was made later in the series he will be the one to want to save her.

Utopia is indeed unique and real event television, people have accused it of trying to be something it really isn’t but I couldn’t disagree more, where the final episode may have felt uneasily slow until the very end with not much happening for its extended length I feel a lot may have been set up for series 2. There is nothing else like it on television, UK or US. It has the uniqueness that has allowed Sherlock to thrive abroad and has real potential to go forward in so many directions whether it wants to ground itself in reality or fly into the supernatural and fantasy it is really open to go anywhere.

I for one really do hope for another series for these reasons as long as it doesn’t ‘tone it down’ to appeal to more people I think people need to accept it for what it is and see through the violence and give it a chance because the story itself is superb. One last question would be to ask of the devious Ms. Rabbit is in fact the devil, The Utopia Experiments graphic novel is about a scientist who makes a pact with the devil, that scientist is Philip Carvel so does that make Milner the devil? Probably not the out and out devil as Utopia likes to stay in a realm of speculative fiction rather than out and out fantasy but still, it is a nice idea and one that I can’t wait to see worked upon.


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