A Big Congratulations to the Referee!


I don’t usually do any football posts on this blog but I believe tonight’s events deserve that to change as I congratulate Cuneyt Cakir at another wonderful undeserved sending off! The Turk is known for sending off players in big matches and most of those players are from British teams; a list that includes John Terry, Gary Cahill, Mario Balotelli and Steven Gerrard all while playing in Europe against opposition from another country, usually Spanish. Tonight Nani’s name was added to this list and while his foul may well have deemed a yellow card I completely fail to see how it could be a straight red especially from where the ref was standing at the time. Real Madrid clearly started the match in a better position with 12 men on the pitch, just one of them wasn’t playing in their usual colours. Nani, whom usually isn’t really to my taste as a player, in the last few years has become selfish with the ball and not the great player he maybe should have been despite moments of wonder he can create was actually one of the stand out players in helping Manchester United create the opening goal they needed and was also a crucial link between defence and up front so he was a key man to take out.

The one and only thing I will say is that Mourinho for once was not his chirpy self full-well knowing that the win was undeserved and won not by his players but his own ‘special one’ in yellow shorts. He is a great manager and he knows that but he also knew from what was said in the post-match interview that he did not deserve the win.

I may be bitter for Man Utd going out of the Champions League when they should really still be there and Madrid should be the ones packing but this will give us great imputes to go forward and hopefully bring the FA Cup home to Manchester as we haven’t seen it since 2005! As for the rumours surrounding Ronaldo and what would be an epic return, of course I hope they are true because Madrid would completely fall apart as a team without his creative flair and influence he clearly brings. Individually, they may all be good as players but as a team Madrid rarely gel together and that’s why Manchester United were able to stop them most of the time (when the teams were equal) we had the better team despite lacking stand-out players. We don’t play for one man, rather we play together under Sir Alex’s guidance which is why we have done so well this season.


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