An Emotional Week in TV


Already… I say already but it is hard to believe we are actually in March! This year has already seen a number of television spectacles from the engrossing Utopia to the simply fantastic The Walking Dead. However, this week we have seen two series end in Britain, on Wednesday the first series of Ricky Gervais’ Derek came to its end and to be honest, I think it was probably the most tearjerking thing we will see this year in terms of drama, the relationship built with Gervais’ Derek Noakes from episode one gave the viewer only love and endearment and shows a real change in direction for Gervais such a moving drama almost. I mean, Cemetery Junction was outstanding for raw drama and high-running emotion but the last 30-minutes of Derek just had me tearing up at every minute and left me wondering where the laughs were. I was not disappointed and instead was very pleased with the poignant end.

On to tonight and not only was it the series 5 finale to Being Human, but it was the entire series finale. It all came down to this hour-long episode and where I can see where some might have been disappointed it wasn’t a little more on the action side and didn’t feature as heavily on a built up tension throughout the series I think it paid respect well and I always admire a show that knows when to end before it becomes stale. I am however, not someone who was ever bored with the show, it was every bit worthy of all the positive reviews it receives right from the off and I am a big fan of Hal, Tom and Alex where some may think it went downhill the same time the originals left, these are the kind of people who can’t adapt to change instead of embracing it like I have with Rudy in Misfits. By the end, it was clear the budget just wasn’t there this series of Being Human but that really didn’t matter as it included great performances all round not least to say in the finale itself that rounds off not only a program that will hold a place as one of my favourite shows but as a show that has shown time and again it can redefine a genre and become more and more interesting. There were tears on the horizon in the final moments but the end was no doubt a good one but at the same time a mysterious one which does leave a certain door open for a return either to the small or maybe the silver screen (as rumours have suggested) to maybe give a real ending once and for all to the series… Not that I am saying it hasn’t got a ‘real’ ending.

For more on these shows check out the reviews for each of them I will put up in the next few days! Leave me a comment as to what you think and maybe suggest something I would enjoy to watch!


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