Matt Smith to leave Doctor Who after Xmas 2013?


The rumour mill is working overtime today with news (not based on anything concrete as far as I can tell) that Matt Smith is to leave Doctor Who during the Christmas episode of 2013. I found this bizarre article originating on The Sun’s website where it questioned who will take over the role this Christmas and continued to discuss the ‘issue’ in detail listing many possibilities of who could take over. The fact that both David Tennant and James Corden made this list of potentials at all (despite the whole article firmly existing in a fantasy land) just proves how poor a knowledge the journalist has of the show at all that one has already played the role and the other has made recurring roles in the show. Perhaps the resident simpleton was allowed a go on one of the pretty computers over a lunchtime in the office he usually empties the bins of and made a dream list of ‘actors he has seen in programs he likes’.

The only evidence they could possibly use in order to supplement this story of what can only be described as bullshit was Smith’s interview on Jonathan Ross where he said he takes every year as it comes, something he has said every year he has been in the role since the start. Perhaps The Sun are doing the same thing they did for David Tennant in his tenure of running the same article every other month in order to ‘guess’ or be the first on ‘the case’ when it does happen, whether an announcement is made next week or in two years time.

What bugs me further are the dimwits across the internet that still want a ‘female Doctor’, there is little to no chance that this will happen as the show works with the setup it has and changing the lead’s sex will have such a big impact and will take a stupid risk of losing the majority of the fanbase it has built up since its relaunch. What’s even worse is the echo that continues to reverberate its way around cyberpace naming Miranda Hart as a ‘must-be front runner’ to take the reigns of the show.

Now, lets just step back, way back actually, put our sensible hats on and think about the show and how the conclusion of Miranda Hart could possibly come about. I think one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in history is the success granted to Miranda across the BBC with numerous mindless fans clapping and laughing along, flailing in fact as the same joke of a woman (obviously having a very difficult time in her life) having some sort of mental breakdown in every episode and always seeming to take her top off and yell the now least funny name in comedy of ‘Gary’ aloud while her ‘friends’ and mother look on in disgust at her life. In fact, the show itself isn’t funny, just cringe worthy and where I suppose we as an audience are intended to laugh at her ‘cringe-worthy moments’ where she talks directly to the camera instead it just becomes hard to watch and embarrassing for all involved.

On top of this, Miranda Hart has an NTA for ‘best actress’ under her belt, that’s right, apparently Ms Hart is the very best actress we have in the whole of Britain beating the likes of Lenora Crichow of Being Human that year and various other Channel 4 dramas that had better performances from extras than the substandard one that Hart gives on a regular basis in Call the Midwife. 

Then we have to take into account the fact that Doctor Who is now a success in America as well as the UK so are they really going to want to see an overweight middle-aged woman with no sex appeal or anything cool about her at all take to the TARDIS? I think they, along with myself would rather see the series end or have a CGI talking turd fly the TARDIS round all of time and space than see Miranda fucking Hart anywhere near those blue doors.

Okay, even though the article may be utter crap I will still give my two cents as to who I’d like to see as the 12th Doctor when the time comes. Right at this time my choice would have to be John Noble and even though it may be an utter long shot I think he would make a marvellous and different Doctor to what we have had already this generation. My second choice and one that may be a little more realistic with the current trend of younger Doctors is Damien Maloney. I’d love to see him being his posh Hal character from Being Human to the TARDIS and think he would make a great star both here and America.

The series starts next Saturday and I’m a little more intrigued after hearing the finale of series 7 will include the return of River Song I have hope that Jenna-Louise Colman may be less of an assistant and more of a villain being set up for the 50th Anniversary which will see River and The Doctor fighting together against a bigger enemy. This is something that I would like to see. It has to be said though, the latest trailer does look epic and as action packed and exciting as any other series has been.


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