Strange Tides // New Horror Web-Series

Friend and fellow writer/director Daniel Attrill finally unveiled his latest project last night on YouTube and it has to be described as one of the most intriguing and potential-filled amateur web-series I have watched. With its Blair Witch style and eerie haunting symbolism based around a mysterious bracelet the editing and build up has been timed to perfection to offers scares as well as a story that is designed to pull you in and ask many a question. I caught up with Dan to find out his inspirations and ideas he put into creating and writing his new web-series that has already gathered quite the following.

Where did the idea for Strange Tides come from?

Well for a long time i wanted to do a webseries and tell a bigger story than anything I’ve done before. A couple of months ago i came across a youtube channel called Marble Hornets. It’s a channel that has videos entitled “Entry…” and then the a number next to it. Throughout the entries it tells a story that involves The Slender Man. I loved the idea of this and the fact that its filmed in the found footage style. So one day a idea came to me and I could easily see it being filmed in that kind of style. But instead of one long video like Marble Hornets. Strange Tides will be like an episode you would see on TV with cuts to different times of the day and each episode is a part of a bigger story

Since your last productions, The Unkown and 2011’s Interrogation, what inspired you into creating a web-series?

Just the fact that you can tell a bigger story is what inspired me, also I like that people can try to guess what happens next after each episode.

Have you got a plan for the series or have you not decided upon Kevin’s outcome yet?

I know what the final scene is going to be so yes, I know Kevin’s fate. However, how we get there could be different to my original plan.

Who or what would you say are your biggest influences when it comes to film-making?

I would say people like John Carpenter are my biggest influences. Just think, Halloween, The Thing, they are great horror movies. Some would say these films have stood the test of time and for me Halloween definitively has. Also James Wan, the director of Saw and Insidious. I love his work and his stuff has really inspired me.

When we can we expect more from Strange Tides?

I’m hoping to release a episode every 3 weeks so hopefully in a couple weeks!

Go to the Official Strange Tides Youtube page to get the very latest on what I am sure is going to be one of the most exciting web-series I know of this year. Subscribe HERE!


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