The Walking Dead // Season 3 Finale Predictions and Spoilers


With the finale of The Walking Dead only days away in America on AMC and with the shock death of Merle Dixon fresh in every fan’s mind as a character that will be hugely missed as well as shape the evolution of his younger brother Daryl who will no doubt become hell-bent on revenge against The Governor and with the news of 27 deaths taking place in this season finale I will be listing some possible outcomes to conclude what I’m sure will be an epic episode.


With 27 deaths in one episode that sees the two camps fight off against one another I would expect the majority of these deaths to come from the Woodbury camp than wiping out the prison group, these deaths however have been said to be from noticeable characters with screen time rather than walkers being killed, so we know we won’t be cheated. I have a few theories over who would die from both camps but still can never be sure with a series who seems to enjoy to emotionally destroy the audience killing characters with no warning or build up. Here are my theories:

1. The prison group are all but wiped out // It would be a shock but wiping out almost all the prison group wouldn’t be too much out of the blue. If they were to stay and fight I could imagine an end where only a few survive to be joined by Tyreese in season 4.

2. Some stay and some go // With the vote amongst the prison group being between going or staying I could imagine that some will flee with baby Judith including Carl and maybe Carol and Hershel whereas a lot of the rest will stay behind and fight. With Rick in lead the small numbers would have a great chance at fighting off the hoards set upon them by The Governor. The question of would stay however is a harder one. Daryl could go either way, hellbent on revenge he could go solo on The Governor instead of falling back in line with the group. Carol is a tough fighter and may also stay to fight alongside Rick and I would assume although the alliance between Rick and Glenn has fallen by the wayside of late I can’t see him or Maggie leaving the chance to fight off The Governor for another day.

3. Daryl // The only man I feel is safe for season 4. He is well and truly in position to take over as group leader and although in the comics Rick and Carl are the only constants I think the series has room to toss and turn and killing off Rick before he becomes a little strained with the death of Lori might be a safe move while Daryl’s popularity with the audience only grows.

4. Safe-Zone // The only other characters I would put in the safe-zone with Daryl would be Michonne, Tyreese (whom I assume will join the regular cast next season) and Carl.

5. If I had my way // The characters I want to see gone out of the show are Andrea and Carl more than anyone else. I’d also sacrifice Hershel’s daughters Maggie and the blonde one who’s name I forget. Glenn is also annoying me slightly but without Maggie I feel he has so much more potential. I think there’s a good chance Maggie will die however because of the marriage storyline, room for heartbreak in the audience. The Governor surely has to die I think that is obvious but a long-shot would be Milton joining the camp as I quite like his character in the show. I also predict Tyreese and Michonne to play a big part in the finale.

Next Series
I haven’t read as far as finishing The Governor’s story in the comics so I didn’t spoilt the series for me so honestly don’t know which way it could go. I would think The Governor dies by the hands of one of his now many adversary’s with Daryl, Andrea and Michonne all ready to kill the man responsible for causing them harm. A couple of long shots however would be Tyreese earning the respect of the group by killing him or Milton finally manning up and sacrificing himself to kill his leader.

The group are likely to leave the prison by the end of this season and move on to a new setting in a series that continues to change as I can’t see where else this is going to go at the prison, however, if they do move to a new location it would mean more new characters and I think also a small cull of the cast they already have. So expect to see shock deaths. If I had to make an educated guess I’d say only 5-6 make it out of the prison and I have a feeling Rick might be one of those casualties even though I know he is the only constant the comics the tv series is a different kettle of fish.

The one thing I still wonder is if The Governor will cut off Rick’s hand. I promo pics he holds a blade designed the same as his favoured weapon in the comics so could this still happen? Imagining the cost of using effects to edit out. Rick’s hand thereafter however makes this hard to believe. I mean The Governor got off lightly only losing his eye to Michonne where in the comics she does an awful lot more, which he did deserve. The Walking Dead TV series is a little less intimidating and more accessible but equally as brilliant as the comics. What do you think will happen? Leave a comment below


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