The Walking Dead // Welcome to the Tombs Review


Season 3 of The Walking Dead bowed out on Sunday evening in America with what could be deemed a rather low-key event. We were promised a lot of things from the finale entitled ‘Welcome to the Tombs’ including no less than 27 deaths but in the end it happened to feel a little anti-climatic. We got the deaths we were promised but the only really significant deaths we were rewarded with were those of Milton and Andrea at the hands of The Governor. Where it has seemed like a good idea to call time on Andrea’s run as a survivor on the show for some time now I did end up feeling a little sad that she left as she seemed to come good in her own right in her closing moments and her death was treated really well by the show whether you love her or hate her.

So, what else did this episode offer (apart from that kick-ass title that makes any fan salvate at the very thought)… Well, not incredibly much in all honesty. I think, along with many other fans, I was expecting some sort of rampage from Daryl looking for an end to The Governor and maybe not for him to return in line to Rick’s side straight away but what we got is this. It works when you think about the series’ themes and Daryl talking about the need to stick with others in this new life but the only real action we got offered was the bull-like behaviour of The Governor and his riled up troop of ‘Woodberians’ blowing up watch towers and storming the prison only to be run out by Rick’s clever tactics.


The only significance after this point was The Governor going full-psycho and killing everyone in his ‘squad’ apart from his two right-hand men and driving off with them and then Tyreese (along with everyone left at Woodbury) leaving to live at the prison with Rick and the gang… A move that is set-up to only antagonise The Governor even more.

Where this does seem a little bit of a let down for a series that is over-achieving for what should really be a cult-drama I still can’t criticise it with strong performances all round as well as the right amount of tension and awesomeness you’d expect, I just think when you sit it alongside the likes of ‘Clear’ and last week’s ‘A Sorrowful Life’ it just doesn’t compare. Don’t be alarmed though, this series and episode alone have set up a lot for what’s to come in the next series. Carl has gone full-blown dickhead as he shoots a boy point blank who is surrendering. His face was that of a mentalist when he saw Rick bring back every living survivor from Woodbury at the end too… Hopefully he dies.


Tyreese, Sasha and Beth have all been promoted to series regulars ahead of season 4, a move I expected of Tyreese’s character, a main role taken directly from the comics (however, a role that at the moment is filled by Daryl) and finally, a new character to the prison group I feel will add something noticeable to the dynamic. What will be interesting however is how long the three of them last, The Walking Dead seems to like shocking audiences by killing off series regulars over the supporting roles so my money will be on Beth being one of the first to die in series 4 s she is a bit of a nonner who seems to have the role of holding Judith and not saying anything. As much as I would like to see The Governor step it up to his role in the comics I can’t see it happening as the comics are a lot darker, and as much as I would love to see him decapitate Tyreese, I think it is a little soon as his role has only just begun in the series.


I have also heard of ‘The Hunters’ appearing in season 4. If this is true it will really shake things up, as a group of survivors turned cannibals to survive it really will make for some interesting and dark viewing and as they are behind Dale’s death in the comics maybe Hershel’s role in the series will be coming to a gradual end as Dale’s replacement. But we will have to wait until October to see how this turns out!


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