Doctor Who // Series 7 and 50th Theory


So, it’s that time of he series again where rumours for the current series story arc and finale begin to fly and something tells me the ‘finale’ won’t be our usual experience of pushing too hard to be the epic thing the audience expects, no, instead I wouldn’t be surprised if instead it is a little downplayed in comparison to the usual wannabe blockbusters and will work almost as a prequel or lead in to the 50th anniversary special. I have a theory of my own of what could be happening, one that could go down several routes and with recent casting announcements I feel it would not only work but be absolutely epic.

We don’t know much about what will be happening in November apart from the recent casting announcements of David Tennant and Billie Piper returning to reprise their characters, Joanna Page and finally the Zygons are set to appear as one of the foes The Doctor will face, I say one because I doubt something as huge as this will hinge on a character they haven’t yet rebooted in the modern series. There have been rumours that the special will be a bumper length 90-minute affair rather than the previously rumoured hour-long. This would suit the occasion as well as the announcement the special will receive a limited cinema release to accompany the broadcast.

Onto the theories then. I am quite confident in the fact that we won’t head towards an explosive end this series to follow in the likes of The Big Bang and The Wedding of River Song. Instead I expect this series finale to lead into and set up the November 50th Anniversary. The return of ‘The Great Intelligence’ and Richard E. Grant in this week’s episode came as a little bit of a surprise and could be no more than a nice little link to the christmas episode just gone and also to Clara. He could have a direct link to the who’s and why’s concerning Clara Oswald as well and I feel the most likely outcome to his character will see a conclusion in episode 13 this series. However, a bit of a longshot would be to say he is Doctor 12 and is the future regeneration of Matt Smith, potentially a story that could be explored in the 50th Anniversary despite fans of the show saying they don’t want the episode to focus on Smith but instead celebrate the show and all its characters. As he is referred to as ‘The Great Intelligence’ it kind of signals to me that he has a bigger part to play in the series and an interesting reference would be how his voice is eerily similar to that of the voice that echoed through the Tardis in The Big Bang that said ‘Silence Will Fall’.

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 11.34.38

As far as Clara is concerned I am not a fan and not really on the way to be converted into liking her but we will see. I genuinely believe that she has a large role to play in the special episode however, but not one by the side of The Doctor. I don’t think Clara is all she portrays, or maybe she doesn’t know it yet. She’s far too clever to be an assistant and is worthy of being a villain of sorts to The Doctor but I doubt she is The Rani as many would expect of me to say, I would hazard a guess at suggesting she is something new to the series and links a lot more together than you would initially imagine. She continuously tells The Doctor to remember, so he knows something but has forgotten, what this thing is however, could be anyone’s guess. I do think that the revel will feature in the series finale to her true identity and the very fact that River Song is set to appear (hurrah!) means that The Doctor needs a friend to face off against Clara Oswald or to uncover her mystery.

Anyway, onto bigger things and my main theory in hand. From everything we have seen I can honestly say there are way more mysteries in the show than conclusions. Each series finale has had a small part in completing a story of sorts but always left us with more questions, so, what if the past 3 (by the time this series ends) all have been in aid of a ‘bigger plan’ and in true Moffat fashion have led into something a lot larger, in this case, the 50th Special. We never got a true answer to what caused the cracks in time, so what if this has something to do with dimensions rather than the aforementioned cracks in time. The Tenth Doctor said coming back to Rose’s dimension would cause the world to collapse, a scene familiar to that of what happened in the series 5 finale and we know Tennant and Piper are returning for the finale so what if all this links. On top of this, we never got a proper end or demise of The Silence which reigned supreme throughout series 5 and 6 making cameo appearances (if you looked in the right places) during 5 and then during series 6 fought against The Doctor 3 times in order to try and kill him to ‘save the universe’ – something that The Pandorica in series 5 was created for… I’m sure there are a lot more links between the series but I’m going to just throw this one out there. During The Lodger in series 5 we see a Tardis-like console sat cloaked above Craig’s flat, we see the very same console (then occupied by The Silence) during Day of the Moon in series 6. My theory for this, going along with the rest, is that this console, controlled by The Silence/whatever else they are working for is something that allows them to travel not in time, but through dimensions… via the void.

There is a lot to work on here, but to bring both Piper and Tennant back together is a brave step for the show and clearly has an intention of either seeing them in an earlier timeline, featuring a Timecrash type scenario or in my theory, and to be honest, a truly epic scenario where they are in the second dimension, so we may not be getting full on Tenth Doctor but we are getting something better that would work with the show. The ideas are limitless to why the crack in dimensions could work and also bring back multiple Doctors, perhaps the Tenth Doctor didn’t die when he did, nor the Ninth, Eighth or Seventh… Hence why they could all co-exist in a different way to what we have previously seen.

Doctor Who - 50th Anniversary Special

I am going to re-watch series 5 up until now soon and take some notes to things that link up. The very fact River was created by Moffat during series 4 and has seen both Ten and Eleven during different times, yet wasn’t surprised by the way Ten looked when the first Doctor we have seen her see is Eleven… If that makes sense, to me that suggests that she has seen the Tenth Doctor again previously so if River features in the 50th I would guess it would be the first time she has seen him and the second time he has seen her.

Whatever the outcome it is bound to be an exciting and clever event at celebrating the series and I wouldn’t put it past Moffat to have been building up this as show-runner since The Eleventh Hour at least. He has recently said however, he is closer to the end of his time as show-runner than the beginning… So has his time been building to this? It wouldn’t surprise me if both he and Matt Smith bow out together during series 8 or perhaps he’ll stay just to see one more Doctor in safely.


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