Doctor Who // Top 5 Moments


Seeing as Doctor Who has now returned to our screens and I do pride myself upon being a know-it-all about the series I have decided to compile a list of my favourite and I don’t think you can dispute, best moments in the series since Matt Smith entered the role. It’s no secret that Doctor Who on the whole has vastly improved since Steven Moffat took over as show-runner with clever intricate stories that span each of his series and stylish design and cinematography in every episode it is no reason the long-running sci-fi series has finally broken into America under his control. Where Series 1-4 were a lot of fun under RTD and there were the od episodes that showed promise, a lot of the time it did feel like too much of a romp. So, onwards with the list making! Remember, these are moments from when Matt Smith entered the role.


5. Amy turns to flesh (The Almost People– The penultimate episode of the first half of series 6 may not have been the strongest the series has ever seen but the moment The Doctor turns round and melts Amy into goo before husband Rory’s eyes was certainly a shock, there’s no doubt about that. It really showed off some stamina the show has to impress audiences with twists and turns at any point and saved what was otherwise a fairly draggy episode and gave it much more meaning and clues, not only to the series’ ultimate end of how The Doctor dies but also to the mid-series finale and leads that episode in perfectly.


4. “Silence Will Fall” (The Big Bang– The first series finale for the Eleventh Doctor see’s time collapse in upon itself but the most stand-out moment for me was when something talks through the TARDIS and whispers “Silence Will Fall”. For me, this is still unanswered and The Silence haven’t completed their story on the Doctor Who circuit and for quite a few reasons I feel that the arcs/climaxes from both series 5 and 6 have been building into something much bigger in true Moffat fashion.


3. Goodbye David (The End of Time) – It had to be on here, it is technically in my eyes a Smith moment as he comes into the role for the first time for audiences to see, I for one never thought David Tennant could be bettered in the iconic role but the moment Smith lept and bounded into the burning TARDIS it was clear he was made to be a Doctor. However, it isn’t just Smith’s entrance that makes this scene so memorable but the send off Tennant is given in his last moments, when he utters ‘I don’t want to go’, I don’t think any Doctor Who fan was bale to contain themselves and there wasn’t a dry eye in the universe.


2. The Angels take Amy (The Angels Take Manhattan) – The Ponds bow out in the last episode of the first half of series 7 with a dramatic ending everyone knew was coming but just didn’t see how. Again, in what is becoming a trend in Moffat’s running of the show, it is kept back to the last minute, after everything seems to be okay, the monsters defeated and peace resumed that the tables are turned and Rory see’s his own grave stone and is then quickly grabbed by an Angel. It is then left to Amy to make her decision to follow her man back in time by blinking in front of an Angel while The Doctor pleads with her to just come back with him. Her final words ‘Raggedy Man… Goodbye’ make this scene even more poignant a moment for an assistant that really left her mark on The Doctor.


1. The Doctor meets his TARDIS (The Doctor’s Wife) – In what could be deemed the best episode of Doctor Who ever, there are so many moments to pick from. Michael Sheen’s role as House is a certain kind of confidence mixed with evil and his minions ‘Auntie’ and ‘Uncle’ are made as unsettling as they could possibly be by being scraped together by leftovers. The scenes where Rory and Amy feature in a ‘game’ played by House are also compelling viewing. But for me, it is the moment The Doctor and the human incarnation of his TARDIS meet and are able to talk for the first time, the relationship they hold of bickering like an old married couple but the love they clearly share for one another. The drama and power when Idris ‘dies’ however makes this episode what it is and is another amazing moment.


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