Orphan Black // New Show Review


“How many of us are there?”

I decided to look for a new show to watch last night (despite having numerous programs on my watch-list already that are starting to gather dust) I had just finished the first series of Game of Thrones (I might do a review soon but I don’t think people will like what I’ll say) and so I came across this and the trailer was more than intriguing. The show follows Sarah, a ‘streetwise hustler’ (according to IMdb), we have yet to see her really hustle anyone however… Anyway, she witnesses a girl who looks exactly like her commit suicide, witnessing this ends up with her being plunged into a deadly mystery as she starts to discover (after stealing the identity of the dead girl) that there are more and more of herself not only in America but even Europe.

The story itself is intriguing and when at first it is hard to like the characters I strangely ended up quickly adjusting to Sarah’s gay best friend Felix and even annoying ex Vic doesn’t seem that bad, probably because he barely appears, but when he does, and hes whining about something and crying I don’t always think ‘oh give it a rest’ there are rare glimpses of him being something good in the series.

The series has more than enough potential to do good in the long run, it could go down multiple routes and even has options to go deeper and deeper. After two episodes we are no closer to finding out what she is and why there are loads of her but with a strangely sci-fi vibe I’m getting from it I definitely think this could run for a decent few series in a Fringe like fashion with things potentially being set up this series coming to a head in the closing moments of it’s run.

The acting may be a bit shaky but I think it has potential to improve and with a few more less bland Vic and Paul type characters I reckon it could be a real hit. As long as it doesn’t slow down and keeps at a decent pace, evolving as it progresses, it will keep audiences more than happy with what right now seems like a fresh idea that TV really needs right now, it’s a shame stuff like this doesn’t get picked up like the shows that do end up becoming huge with followings for no apparent reason…


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