21 & Over // Film Review


“He’s still breathing right? – Who Cares”

I don’t think a quote could sum this film up much better than that taken directly from the film itself, a film literally so dire and one that flatlines so often it is hard to tell what moments can be considered ‘low points’. Could it perhaps be the slow motion vomit (cut between various angles) or the standing upon a bar pissing on others from above? The very fact that is what the ‘growing up’ genre has now become is frightening prospect that finding yourself involves this could be considered a frightening prospect in America!

The writers of The Hangover obviously know nothing more than writing stories about three males getting far too drunk for their own good… however, it is no longer a winning formula, especially when it is as unfunny as this. 21 & Over ends up feeling like an alternate version to The Hangover, one where we follow the group as the night unfolds rather than waking up the day after and being left to stitch it together. I didn’t think it was possible to find three guys this generic for the roles, let alone three this unfunny all the star in a film alongside each other.

I find it hard to say much else about this disaster of a ‘teen comedy’ as it feels so over-done it is just boring. However, it does have a magical property about it… You go to watch this film that lasts 90 minutes… but it makes time feel so slow that you end up being in there for 4 hours! It must be a form of time travel… surely?

Don’t go see it, it’s braindead and stupid. Save yourself the effort!


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